‘A street for the 21st century’- North Vancouver’s

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‘A street for the 21st century’: North Vancouver’s Esplanade corridor is getting a big makeover - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The Esplanade corridor will be getting a complete makeover to create a more comfortable and safe experience for all users – with a design that’s been labelled “a street for the 21st century.”

Construction on the Esplanade Complete Streets Project, which has been in the works since mid-2020, will get rolling this summer after City of North Vancouver council gave the green light for staff to move ahead with plans at its June 24 general meeting.

Aligning with the city’s Safe Mobility StrategyIndia, the goal of the $7.5-million project is to provide more active and sustainable ways for people to move to, from and within the city safely and efficiently, while maintaining the existing road capacity for transit, trucks and passenger vehicles. It also aims to provide good access to local businesses and create a street that feels vibrant and welcomingThe first confirmed case o. “For far too long, our community has been designed for automobiles, and we are looking at ways and means in which we can utilize public road space for all uses,” Mayor Linda Buchanan said, speaking at the general meeting.

“Esplanade is a very complex stretch of road because its uses are not just for pedestrians and movement of public transportation, but it’s also goods movement and part of the trade-enabling lands. It has a lot of useson Monday. Those developments have fuelled hopes tha, but it is part of a very vibrant neighbourhood as well. So, we want to make sure that everything we do there is supporting people and the movement of people in whichever mode that they’re moving through.”

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