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Zhan Chunxin: Zoomlion goes out and tries to integrate into local culture

Zhan Chunxin: Zoomlion goes out and tries to integrate into local culture

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Introduction: after China's accession to the WTO, the pace of Chinese enterprises going out has accelerated significantly. As a global construction machinery giant, Zoomlion is also trying to integrate into the local culture and make use of local talents, resources and operation mode to achieve win-win or even win-win results. Founded in

What's wrong with joining the WTO? After the organization, the pace of "going out" of Chinese enterprises has accelerated significantly. As a "giant" of global construction machinery enterprises, Zoomlion is also trying to integrate into local culture and make use of local talents, resources and operation modes to achieve win-win or even win-win results

Zoomlion, founded in 1992, has achieved a compound annual growth rate of more than 60%, ranking first among global construction machinery enterprises. In 2012, the comprehensive strength of the company ranked first among Chinese construction machinery listed companies and sixth among global construction machinery enterprises

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, believes that in today's global cultural integration, Chinese enterprises must be internationalized and localized, follow international rules, integrate into local culture, be local enterprises, and make life more comfortable and harmonious with local people

in August 2001, Zoomlion acquired a well-known enterprise in the field of trenchless equipment - British baolujie company. Chinese and British scientists worked together to produce and develop the world's most advanced series of horizontal directional drilling equipment

on September 28, 2008, Zoomlion, together with Hony capital, Goldman Sachs and Mandalin fund, officially signed an overall acquisition and delivery agreement with CIFA to complete the full acquisition of CIFA shares in the form of cash acquisition

CIFA is an Italian family business founded in 1928. Its main products include concrete mixing plants, transport vehicles and concrete pumps. In 2007, its operating revenue reached US $470 million, mainly distributed in Italy and Europe. In addition, CIFA is also a global leader in concrete machinery, ranking third in the industry

Zoomlion successfully acquired CIFA, which was written into the successful acquisition case in Harvard textbook

in recent years, many Chinese enterprises that have participated in overseas mergers and acquisitions have this experience: the biggest problem encountered after mergers and acquisitions is not from the financial and market aspects, but the communication and integration obstacles caused by the cultural differences between China and the West

after Zoomlion acquired CIFA, it actively integrated into local culture and became a local enterprise without laying off any employees. After the acquisition of Italian CIFA company, Zoomlion not only effectively integrated the global resources of both sides, but also deeply integrated in product R & D, process innovation, strategic procurement, market channels and other aspects, so as to make the quality and stability of pump truck reach the international leading level

Chen Xiaofei, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of concrete machinery company, strives to enter the forefront of national innovative enterprises in 2018. "The purpose of overseas acquisition of Chinese enterprises is not to pick up a cheap asset, but to produce synergy in scientific research, production, technology, sales and other fields and learn from each other."

"'cifa supply chain China base 'is managed by Italian CIFA company, which uses China's low-cost manufacturing resources to make the required parts and then send them back to Italy. While Zoomlion uses its advanced technology and CIFA brand to build a global market channel, which is a kind of resource sharing." Chen Xiaofei said

in 2011, Zoomlion's 80m carbon fiber boom pump truck independently developed with the latest European technology of CIFA was born and set a Guinness record. Zoomlion has since stood at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of pump trucks in the world. CIFA also began to make profits gradually

insiders believe that this marks a new stage in the global strategy of China's enterprise group, which is market-oriented and characterized by localization, integrating and optimizing the allocation of resources worldwide, and building a complete industrial chain


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