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Yifan machinery: pay attention to the after-sales work of crusher equipment

if the crusher equipment works for a long time, it will break down. Like other machines, it will cause damage to parts and components over time. At the same time, ordinary maintenance is a very important work at this time. Sharp Electronics R & D (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. sometimes the machine fails, which may be due to the quality of equipment operation or the consequence of improper use by customers. However, no matter what the reason is, once these faults appear, they will waste customers' time and cost. The customer has to shut down for inspection, which delays the customer's production schedule. It is inevitable that the customer will collide with the production enterprise because of problems. In fact, at this time, communication is extremely important. Take a step back, customers and machine manufacturers should do their own work, so that the losses caused to both sides will be much less

the after-sales work of crusher equipment is extremely important in China, because it represents the brand value created by an enterprise, and also enhances the confidence of domestic users that domestic machines are far from meeting people's demand for new materials. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery has been committed to the research and development of crushing equipment for many years, and now the after-sales service has been very perfect. At present, due to the low concentration of the after-sales industry, the service department maintains the relationship between cooperative customers on behalf of the company. Since its establishment, in line with the basic principle of serving customers, it has been widely praised by customers and made a certain contribution to the reputation of the company

once interviewed the person in charge of Yifan machinery and asked: what made Yifan develop from an unknown small company to a large group enterprise occupying the top three in mining machinery? Yifan machinery: quality and service. Yes, good after-sales service has become a sign that Yifan machinery is stored in mining machinery. Yifan machinery sincerely welcomes your arrival


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