Xuzhou launches new environmental protection paper

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Xuzhou launched a new environmental protection papermaking method

to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by the traditional alkali and lime pulping and papermaking is one of the purposes of developing "pollution-free three-dimensional papermaking". After this technical achievement is used by enterprises, producing products with low price and high quality has more practical significance for today's "buyer's market"

this project consists of "up to standard" pulp and three-dimensional paper

the pulping method is as follows: the wheat straw is put into the straw pulper (patent number), filled with expansion agent, steamed with 5 ~ 6kg steam for one hour and kept warm for half an hour. The double screw two-stage pulper is used to extract 85% black liquor of cooked grass first, and then inject clean water into the machine for rinsing, that is, the whole process of extracting and bleaching black liquor is completed. After decolorization and decontamination, the extruded black liquor is divided into two layers (about 0.30 yuan per ton of black liquor treatment fee). The upper layer is colorless and transparent water. COD and BOD are tested to be class II of "national standard". This water is recycled. The lower sediment is used as farmland nitrogen and potassium fertilizer

if you buy 400000 yuan equipment and build a factory with an annual output of 6000 tons, the cost price of pulp board per ton is 700 yuan, the sales price is 950 yuan, and the annual tax profit is 1.5 million yuan. You can recover the investment in more than half a year

according to the statistics of the State Economic and Trade Commission, the annual output of commercial pulp in China was only 300000 tons last year, and the market demand for paperboard and paper products was 3097900 tons (domestic plus imported). It is estimated that the annual output of pulp in China will reach 3 million tons in 2010 in order to alleviate the needs of the market. Nowadays, a large number of small and medium-sized paper mills have been closed down due to environmental pollution, there is a shortage of commercial pulp, and the sales prospect of pulp is promising

three dimensional papermaking refers to the use of this kind of pulp to make it in one time, and immediately eliminate the packaging box board, decorative board, light inner wall board, honeycomb paperboard and other materials. The durability, quality and after-sales of products with good brands issued by Jiangsu Province have been guaranteed accordingly. After the white ban, three-dimensional paper is replacing white plastic foam and wood to make industrial products inner packaging and cheap and good color furniture, etc. For example, if 950 yuan a ton of pulp is changed into 2200 yuan a ton of paper products, the value will increase by 1250 yuan. Excluding the consumption of other substrates, it will still increase by 550 yuan. This process is characterized by one-time molding: the pulp is placed in the machine and tool, and the finished product is the finished product after pressure operation, drying and finishing. This process eliminates the seven or eight production processes that the formed paper products of the original paper mill have to go through, and saves a lot of basic investment in water treatment. Especially this year, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project is about to start. The application of this technology will bring many benefits to small and medium-sized paper mills and carton factories


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