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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. has received an order from the Ministry of water and electricity of Kuwait for the control system of the seawater desalination plant

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. announced that it has received an order from the Ministry of water and electricity of Kuwait to replace the control system for the boiler, distillation unit and auxiliary facilities of its shuwak seawater desalination plant

shuwak desalination plant is located in Kuwait port, close to Kuwait City. The plant was put into operation in 1953 and is an important part of Kuwait's infrastructure. Up to 90000 tons of seawater can be desalinated every day, accounting for 6% of Kuwait's national seawater desalination capacity

this item 3 Reliability verification: according to the given reliability target value, it is necessary to replace the old control system for three boilers, three distillation units and auxiliary facilities of the plant, so as to improve the operation efficiency and reliability of the plant. The project is planned to start in February 2010 and end in 2012

the contents of the order include: the CE resilience and damping coefficient of Yokogawa motor can be properly controlled by selecting rubber seed and design formula. Ntum series integrated production control system is used to control the equipment of the whole plant, ProSafe - RS safety instrument system is used as boiler burner management system, PRM integrated equipment management software package is used to monitor plant facilities and prompt necessary maintenance, as well as engineering installation and commissioning services

Yokogawa electric successfully obtained the order mainly for the following reasons:

1 Yokogawa electric Middle East's solutions are very in line with customers' expectations and requirements

2 Over the years, Yokogawa motor products have shown reliability

3 in the application of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and other industries The expert opinions and technology of the whole Yokogawa Electric Group provide a reliable working method for the project

with the Middle East as the center, with the industrial development and population growth, the demand for fresh water is increasing. Therefore, the control system market for seawater desalination plants will continue to expand. "Zibo is the capital of materials and the capital of porcelain. Henghe electric hopes to take this successful order as an opportunity to further expand its business in the control of global desalination plants


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