We are all Wenchuan people today

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Today, we are all Wenchuan people

at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The great disaster touched the hearts of every Yanhua people. Yanhua initiated the "today, we are all Wenchuan people" fund-raising activity for the first time to face this severe test with our countrymen

after the launch of the event, branches in Beijing Advantech, Shanghai Advantech, Shenzhen Advantech, Guangzhou Advantech, Shenyang Advantech, Kunming Advantech, Guizhou Advantech, Wuhan Advantech, Kunshan Advantech, Hunan Advantech, Nanjing Advantech, Changsha Advantech and other places took action one after another to give their own and their families a heart to the people in the disaster area. At the same time, the leaders of the company said that Advantech would join forces with Advantech employees and their families to raise 1million yuan to send more love to the people in the disaster areas

Advantech is now actively contacting the Red Cross Society of China, setting up a volunteer team, sending Advantech technical backbones to the front line to assist local people in rebuilding their homes. It is believed that by virtue of the need to tighten the screws at various places during the connection, and by virtue of Advantech's leading industrial automation technology in the world for 25 years and the sincerity and sincerity of Advantech's employees, we can add more strength to the disaster stricken compatriots to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible

the disaster of Wenchuan earthquake is disastrous. However, any difficulty divided by 1.3 billion will become insignificant; Any act of kindness multiplied by 1.3 billion will be incomparably powerful. Yanhua people wish the compatriots in the disaster area to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, and wish all front-line rescue and relief heroes health and safety

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