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The future of print media: will it be replaced by digital information media

what will the future of print media look like? I think many people in the industry will have such doubts, and even many experts assert that the future of print media will be replaced by lion information media and become the past and smoke of historical development. Some experts also said that in the future, paper media will survive in another capacity. In fact, the author has been entangled between the two for a long time. In the end, the author put his own views on the development of printing paper media, which is often used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development, etc. fixed frame paper media will survive in another identity. So far, this concept has not changed. The author's initial view of paper media

if the author first came into contact with paper media in a real sense, it should be traced back to the junior high school in his youth. At that time, he didn't know what paper media was, let alone the development of paper media. I only know that it is a "study newspaper", which is a tool that can help us improve our grades

in fact, in life, we have come into contact with paper media long ago, but our concept of paper media is vague. If the junior high school is the beginning of the author's contact with paper media, now the author has a trace of rights and comments to express his views on the development of printing paper media

in the past, when we chose paper media products, we mostly judged them from their content, printing quality, paper quality and color. Now, with the emergence of digital information, people gradually tend to choose media for timeliness, exposure, freshness, etc. People's vision has shifted from printing paper media to digital information, and paper media began to gradually withdraw from the stage of history. But is this the final result of the development of paper media? In fact, according to the author's understanding, in recent years, the paper media is developing in another way. For example, advertisements, free issues, digital information and paper media information have developed at the same time

with the emergence of digital media, print media began to be free

nowadays, under the impact of digital media, the necessity of the existence of traditional media is still beyond doubt, because it still has reader groups, newspapers are just as a carrier, the content will not die, and the demand for information will not die. According to a survey, an average of 7 out of 10 people in China like the way of reading books, newspapers and other paper media, including some entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, students and so on

however, this is an era of rapid development of scientific and technological information after all. Digital information media, the reading population of digital media is growing rapidly. Especially for the new social groups (people in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s), they prefer 1 to roam on the swing rack 5, and they prefer to make friends with digital information media. There is a delisting situation in the paper media, so the term "free paper media" appears

at present, the profit model of free newspapers is different from that of traditional media. As an industry, traditional media is still different from free newspapers. It cannot be said that free newspapers will become the development trend of traditional media

for free newspapers, advertising business is mainly used as its profit model. Without advertising, the development of free newspapers will be very difficult. After all, there is no free lunch in the world. As an input-output model, it also needs the sponsorship of businesses, so that free newspapers can survive and develop

the development of traditional media and free newspapers is a process of integration, and the future development depends on the demand. Paper media also has some problems, such as the environmental pollution caused by the paper industry. For these, we also have expectations for the environmental protection of the development of paper media

the market of media development is diversified. The emergence of free newspapers does not mean that it will replace any media form and become the mainstream. It can only be said that as a new type, it exists and develops in parallel with other media types, and is only one of many media types. Due to the different needs of readers, the market segmentation of various media is also different. The existence of free newspapers has its own soil and conditions

In the future, paper media may become the auxiliary media of digital information media. Digital media has become the mainstream trend of today's media development, while paper media has become the auxiliary media of digital media, which is shown as follows:

timeliness: the timeliness of networks is beyond doubt. For the same event and news report, digital media only need one minute or less, while paper media have to wait for a day as soon as possible

source: the source of cancer network media, which is called architecture, can be said to be all over the world. As long as it is the people at the meeting, it may become a potential network, while the paper media needs professional, professional interview level, etc. In contrast, the source of digital media is far greater than that of paper media

readability: the readability of paper media is general, and its content is mostly useless to readers. Digital media is different, especially the emergence of search engines, which has pushed digital media to an extreme height. It is not too much to describe it as only unexpected but not invisible

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