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The world journey of printing industry (IV)

the development trend of larger, brighter, wider and faster

serial Fujifilm and Inca cooperated on the optimal coordination of printing and ink performance. This exhibition is in the form of joint exhibition. It is reported that the Columbia turbo technology of Inca company is the fastest platform UV inkjet printer in the world at present. Using the upgraded version of autospeed technology, the output can reach 1100 square meters every 8 hours

the model is vutek 32. Baiyongxiao, a professor at Lanzhou University, introduced that the performance of UV inkjet printer

machine is obtained by turning the conventional small and fine printing structure by 90 degrees. At this time, the printing bed quickly swings back and forth under the printing head, and at this moment, the printing head moves back and forth relatively slowly on the substrate. The similar product model designed by Inca company is Columbia 220. It is reported that this is the largest platform printer in the world, with a printing capacity of 3.2 x 2.2 meters. These two models use 16 printing heads for each color, meeting the requirements of high production capacity

the Columbia turbo UV platform inkjet printer of Inca company demonstrates the imaging process

spyder 320+ is a relatively small printing machine, which is an upgraded version of a given model of printing machine. Its prototype now uses six color inks instead of four, and also uses UV drying units. Usually, the added ink is a low-intensity color, which can be used as a good backing material for important tones, but it can also print white or bright color effects. Near the company's booth is vutek company, a subsidiary of EFI company, which displays a more "traditional" wide width UV drying inkjet printer, which is mainly used for roller printing materials or rigid materials. In order to understand the market development of this technology, I heard that since the introduction of this technology in 2004, there have been 300 pressvu 200 device unit users all over the world. This entry-level model can print up to 6 colors at 600dpi resolution

efi's ultra wide format printing equipment ultravu II 3360

there are other wide format printing machines using solvent based inks at the exhibition, and their performance is mainly in the range of ultravu II 5330 and below. The printing range of ultravu II 5330 can reach 5m, and the running speed can exceed 200 m2 per hour. The printing machine fabrivu 3360 uses sublimation dry ink, which is mainly used for fabric printing

product l launched at lpex exhibition? Scher jetprint 3530 is a platform printing machine with UV drying ink. It uses the wide RX UV lighting system of technology company, which has great potential in the use of high-performance tires, damping materials and so on. This plan shows the first sign, which reflects the development trend of drying technology in the future UV wide width inkjet market. This new drying unit at the exhibition comes from the semiconductor light array (SLM) technology of phoseon company, which uses thousands of independent LCD UV light emitting units. It has high energy efficiency, can carry out complete intensity control, has low calorific value, does not produce ozone, and does not contain mercury. Mercury is used in many conventional UV light sources. Use l? Scher's products include three independently controlled 0.5 meter long UV heads

wide width inkjet printing equipment

digital document transmission

several Xeikon 5000 printing machines were exhibited at lpex exhibition. The printing technology of UV drying toner has been planned for a long time, but it is still in the beta stage. Printing on thermal materials is obviously an interesting development field. At the lpex exhibition, the main focus was how to integrate 5000 printing equipment into a processing line of different materials. This requires the development of printing protection technology, such as the design of a small unit, the application of silicone wax coating to electrostatic elimination, ensuring the smooth operation of processing equipment and minimizing abrasion damage

the products of xeikon`s 5000 digital web printing machine have the characteristics of high-quality panchromatic digital output with any length

just before the exhibition, Xeikon announced that the Ministry of the Flemish Community in Brussels had taken away the first Xeikon 500 printing machine, as well as a series of book binding equipment. A key technology of the system is to print the barcode on the outside of the image area of the last page of the book. Generally, the information here is about the number of pages of the book and the position of the page order. This information is left for the binding machine to read, and any book with incorrect format will be automatically selected

OC é exhibited all its digital printing equipment, mainly production-oriented printing equipment. On the company's booth, what impresses people is a product called Watkiss power square, which can produce bound books that fold twice at the spine and produce a square spine, which is different from the conventional binding and folding structure. Its flat stacking is cleaner and it is easier to break. Books have an obvious spine, and this increased advantage is likely to print titles on the spine, and so on

magnetic effect

the nipson varypress technology that appeared at the lpex exhibition is different from all other monochrome digital printers that use magnetic particle printing technology. The advantage of electrostatic toner system is relatively reliable, mainly because it has few moving components, and the instant melting system is enough to combine the toner with its substrate, while generating very little heat. This can be printed on aluminum foil, carbon free paper, thick cards and materials with plastic surfaces

the unique light melting cured nipson varypress technology using magnetic particle system

varypress has existed for many years, but only recently has its resolution been upgraded from 400DPI to 600dpi. This improvement measure makes it enter an acceptable print quality level in the general consumer market. The models on display have changed from 1865 (actually a high-capacity office drum printer) to 400 models. They can be used independently or online. The speed of offset printing or flexible printing is as high as 125 meters/minute

varypress, as an auxiliary device for conventional printing, can completely overprint different materials with a resolution of 600dpi. However, as an independent unit for dual-mode, it can be used to print small batches of instruction manuals or other books

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