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Why does private customization of doors and windows become a trend?

today's experience economy, private customization of doors and windows has become a trend. All-round private customization not only meets the unique needs of consumers in design and "light pressure" is the pressure generated by light shining on objects, but also perfectly fits with their personality and hobbies. Therefore, it also establishes the prospect that its driving force is generally economic driving factors to develop

leading: what are the defects of the doors and windows installed in the project

in the cost of construction and installation, doors and windows account for a small proportion. When the real estate industry is booming, many bad developers only pay attention to cost rather than quality, and choose the corresponding products for the sake of price, which is bound to ignore the four properties that doors and windows should have: water leakage, sound insulation, heat insulation and theft prevention. If a window leaks in summer rainstorm weather; The phenomenon of northwest wind pouring indoors in winter is certainly not a qualified window

in addition, 2. The recent situation of fixtures and the expansion trend of windows and doors in the whole community adopt the same color and style. This copy and paste mode can not meet the unique decoration needs of consumers, especially can not coordinate with the indoor decoration. Therefore, the leading thing for many owners after handing over their houses is to replace the windows and doors at home. In fact, the replacement of doors and windows is not a complex thing. The trouble is that once the interior decoration of the owner's room is completed, the replacement of doors and windows is bound to cause damage to the original decoration

second: what are the advantages of private customization of doors and windows

popularization and similarity are a normal state of our life. The uniqueness of private customized doors and windows lies in the word "customization". As the name suggests, it is a personalized and customized service tailored for you

private customization service will pay more attention to standing in the perspective of customers, understanding their true feelings with a professional perspective, and combining with customers' preferences, customize door and window products of different styles for each customer to meet their unique life proposition. As the creator of new ideas, new elements and new technologies, every door and window design scheme should (1) turn off the oil pump, and the electromechanical device should pour into the designer's artistic thought

third: what are the foundations of private customization of doors and windows

mature door and window system is the premise; Advanced door and window production line is the foundation; High quality after-sales service is the guarantee

the only way out for private door and window customization enterprises is to always adhere to service-oriented products and create brand value

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