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Who will benefit from the application of digital wide format printing with UV curing ink?

new technology will bring great theoretical improvements to users. These advances are more acceptable images, better services, higher quality and more important benefits

all industries will develop in the direction of adopting technology and successfully make so-called profits. In the field of digital wide format printing, UV curing ink, as an innovative technology, has been praised by everyone. But has it really become a reality

it is difficult to break the rumors of market depression from the bleak sales reality, especially when the results are surprising. However, there is an essential requirement, that is, this new technology should be able to achieve the desired results

who will benefit from this

let me first state here that UV curing ink has many benefits for the inkjet printing department. For the printing market of hard materials, Symantec has provided its own UV curing solution. Zhu Hongbo, the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Dow automotive systems, is Symantec's veejet+

digital printing with UV curing ink can bring a variety of advantages in printing quality. At the same time, UV ink can also adhere to many substrate materials, and its point fixation is fast, which can eliminate point diffusion or bleeding between points. At the same time, it can also increase the printing density, which is the advantage of the popularity of UV curing ink in the silk printing market

another feature of UV curing inks that should be noted is that organic compounds are less volatile. This means that the printing process is more environmentally friendly, allowing workers to have less exposure to dangerous printing materials and reducing the degree of environmental pollution

since UV ink cannot be dried on the printing nozzle, it can reduce the trouble of cleaning and purifying the nozzle and removing insoluble substances. In theory, greater printing production speed can be achieved through the use of UV ink, because you don't have to wait for solvent drying or use a large dryer

in addition to the above, for wide width printers, they should also pay attention to a lot of problems in the use of UV ink before starting to invest

these problems cover the scope of all production processes and the special needs of printing enterprises in order to get the best results, so we recommend an environmental protection start-up company to connect with them. Some difficulties may arise from shipping and storage, or ventilation and light conditions (in printing equipment), as well as printing head operation, ink adhesion, cleaning, and costs

in addition, UV ink limits the transparency and translucency of color, which is less elastic and more prone to corrosion in poor environments. The challenge that UV curing inkjet printing faces now - this is an insurmountable obstacle - is generated by the current market and price system

estimate of benefits

nowadays, UV curing inks are about $120 per liter, and this work process is still much more expensive than silk printing. In order to achieve the economic advantage of 50 cents per square meter, the price of ink should actually be 60 ~ 70 dollars per liter. Non metallic materials are being systematized. Considering the current constraints, in order to obtain a more reasonable profit expectation, the price of digital UV curing ink is required to be lower

bottom line

investment in new technologies is always risky. The basic question is, "is the potential profit worth the risk?" The answer to the question of the web paper receiving rotation system with UV curing ink is: "not lower than the conditions of the existing market."

although soluble inks begin to take a disadvantage, UV curing inks have many advantages, but the return on investment is not very high. End users cannot pay more for UV curing ink. Compared with soluble ink system, printing enterprises need to sell and print 40% - 60% more to achieve the same return on investment

The real market of UV curing products is in materials with high hardness, and soluble inks have no competitiveness in this field. This new field is for printers who are willing to invest and want to promote technology and business development. As mentioned before, people should pay special attention to the economic efficiency of the scheme and the different choices of workshops before making decisions. Don't be dazzled by the opportunities UV technology brings to the printing market of hard materials and the wrong results in other sectors of the market

in the ultra wide flexible substrate market, the use of soluble ink systems is becoming wider and wider. These printing enterprises can withstand the pressure of price and develop their ultra wide width printing department into a commodity market

UV curable ink technology is very popular recently, and it is also a technology researched and developed by many people who want to improve printing quality. However, today's printing enterprises have not been able to obtain a high return on investment through soluble ink, while the price level of UV ink remains at $100 or higher

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