Wuhan Chenji Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

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Wuhan Chenji Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded by Wuqiao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

on October 27, Wuhan Chenji Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., another subsidiary controlled by Wuqiao Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., has changed its corporate business license, marking the successful capital increase and formal establishment of Wuhan Chenji Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Chenji Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of more than ten million yuan, which is invested by four corporate shareholders, of which Wuqiao heavy industry group does not need to read, record and calculate the company as the largest shareholder. The main business scope of the company is bridge and building bearings, anti-collision facilities, expansion devices, vibration reduction and isolation devices, and highway transportation. Actively do a good job in the production, sales, and construction of intellectual property layout engineering electromechanical equipment in the field of cutting-edge new materials. Semi structural and structural components based on high-performance synthetic materials, which are unique to all resistant plastics, can better optimize and reduce vehicle load installation

according to the provisions of the company law, the company has formed a modern research corporate governance structure, and set up "three meetings" and management

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