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Building automation: who is better between Schneider Electric and Honeywell

in the field of intelligent building system integration, Schneider Electric and Honeywell are two industrial giants fighting. Who will be better in this long-term war

industrial giants encroach on the field of intelligent buildings

under the background of the world energy crisis, green energy conservation has become an important direction for all countries. Building buildings are globally recognized as major energy consumers. Driven by the demand for high energy consumption such as heating, refrigeration and lighting, their energy consumption has exceeded that of industry and transportation, accounting for 41% of the total global energy consumption. China is a large energy consuming country in building clusters, and the energy consumption per unit building is times that of developed countries. At present, the engineering quantity of intelligent buildings in China is equivalent to the total workload of intelligent buildings in Europe. According to Li Qun, vice president and general manager of Greater China of the security and Fire Department of Honeywell automatic control system group, a s: China now has an inventory construction area of more than 40 billion square meters, and the possibility of truly achieving safety/security, efficiency/convenience, and green/energy conservation is less than 10%. It can be seen that the stock of intelligent building market that requires upgrading and reconstruction of existing buildings is very large

with the rapid development of urbanization in China, new commercial, residential, government office, urban complex and other building clusters will expand rapidly. According to the data, the scale of China's intelligent building system integration market reached 4000 yuan in 2014. Therefore, people in the industry believe that in the next few years, intelligent buildings will usher in explosive growth in the next few years

Schneider Electric and Honeywell, two industrial giants, are aiming to promote the huge market scale of China's intelligent building field, and quickly penetrate the Chinese intelligent building market with their own technological advantages. It is understood that the intelligent building products and solutions continuously launched by Schneider Electric in recent years have been widely used in hotels, hospitals, airports, urban complexes, data centers and other fields, and have been unanimously recognized by well-known customers, including Shanghai Wanda Marriott Hotel, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and so on. In China, Honeywell has also provided customized intelligent system solutions to more than 5000 commercial and industrial buildings with steel frame structures in the past ten years to turn vertical experiments into horizontal experimental industry facilities, helping to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption and emissions

who is better at building platform competition

last year, Honeywell launched an intelligent building integration platform, namely Honeywell command and control platform. This platform integrates building automation and enterprise management functions, and integrates intelligent automation technology, advanced analysis methods, visualization technology and optimized customer experience applied to today's smart home appliances and mobile devices. Schneider is also unwilling to be weak. Recently, it launched a new generation of intelligent building platform called the nerve center of intelligent green building, which mainly realizes the high integration of monitoring, control and management of energy, lighting, HVAC, third-party equipment, etc. through the industry's unique strong and weak current integration technology, so as to help users effectively improve the overall building energy efficiency. So who is more skilled in the building platforms of the two giants

Honeywell command and control platform connects all business applications of building management, provides comprehensive information including video monitoring, access control management, fire alarm, environmental control, and can call personnel information from the resource library. Operators can use the integrated data obtained from different systems to track the personnel entering and leaving the building, so as to ensure their rapid evacuation from the building in case of emergency evacuation and ensure the safety of employees and visitors

Honeywell command wall is the core of the platform. It provides an intuitive touch screen interface, integrates all workflows and different systems, and can carry out map based visual operation and navigation. The command wall can display multiple system data of the entire facility, such as electricity meters and temperature sensors, to help users make more comprehensive decisions. Users can obtain the complete information of the building through the level by level information presentation. When problems are found, enlarge the specific area on the screen to timely understand the emergency situation and take countermeasures

event processing workflow and command wall complement each other. Through the event processing workflow, users can deal with safety accidents and other emergencies step by step according to the plan, which will help reduce risks and improve the efficiency of problem solving. In addition, the detailed energy data and operable suggestions provided by the enterprise dashboard further improve the real-time visualization performance, help enterprises control energy consumption and improve efficiency. Event processing workflows and enterprise level dashboards support access from smart, tablet and other mobile devices

in addition, Honeywell command and control platform can be linked with Honeywell's flagship product - enterprise building integration system (EBI), which can easily interconnect safety, comfort, life safety and energy systems as well as other functions to help users monitor, manage and protect a single building, a park or buildings distributed in multiple places

Schneider Electric recently launched a new generation of intelligent building management platform smartstruxuretm, which is known as the nerve center of intelligent green buildings. Through the industry's unique strong and weak current integration technology, this platform realizes the high integration of monitoring, control and management of energy, lighting, HVAC, third-party equipment, etc., and helps users effectively improve the overall building energy efficiency. With the continuous superposition of electrical equipment inside the building, there is a large difference in electricity consumption, and the design of strong and weak electricity in the building plays an increasingly important role in the whole industry. One of Shi's longer-term goals is to realize the specific functional value in the sense of multi-function, high quality, high reliability and low energy consumption, and achieve the balance and optimization of the overall energy efficiency of buildings by reasonably configuring and arranging the functional units with the unique technology of strong and weak current integration dominated by Neder electric

it is understood that the PowerManager power distribution and energy consumption management module and spacelynk building integration application scheme recently unveiled by Schneider Electric at the 2016 China Refrigeration Exhibition are tailored for intelligent building users based on the strong and weak current integration technology. PowerManager power distribution and energy consumption management module is completely embedded in smartstruxuretm intelligent building management platform, which realizes terminal acquisition and control through the integration of strong and weak electricity, deeply integrates various information platforms and terminal equipment of the building on demand, and cooperates with Schneider Electric intelligent meter or third-party meter to maximize the advantages of power quality, so that users can timely understand the real energy consumption, On this basis, we have taken technical and management measures to save energy, reduce consumption and increase efficiency in operation and maintenance management. Spacelynk has strong communication capabilities and is perfectly connected with smartstrixure? The intelligent building management platform realizes the high integration of building control and light control system through innovative hardware connection technology, so as to realize the integration of strong and weak electricity at the equipment level, help users carry out power management, energy consumption monitoring, energy consumption statistics and other work on demand, and provide convenience for building operators in energy efficiency management

in addition, the core M2 used to create industrial HVAC system solutions, the resin synthesis process and the preparation of foam, and the odiconm172 series special controller can also be effectively connected to smartstrixure? The intelligent building management platform has been applied in building construction. Modionm172 dedicated controller for HVAC has strong communication ability. Perfect support for BACnet, LonWorks, Konnex ensures intelligent communication with all kinds of BMS (building management system), and its embedded webvideo function can also support seamless remote control from any intelligent terminal; In the building HVAC system solution, it also includes a remote monitoring system integrating Ethernet, BMS, VPN and other network communication and monitoring technologies; Users can also remotely realize equipment status monitoring and data analysis with the help of HVAC cloud monitoring platform

from the above, Honeywell control platform, CCS, puts more emphasis on the experience of building users, and visualization and rapid response are its important highlights. The components of CCs are designed as intuitive, humanized and easy to understand as tablets and intelligence. Both facility management managers and chief operating officers can understand the technical implications. Schneider Electric smartstruxuretm emphasizes its technical advantages and meets the practical needs of users by strengthening technology. In addition, the integration of building automation and enterprise management emphasized by Honeywell CCS is similar to Schneider's concept of intelligent building with strong and weak electricity integration. As for who can seize more market share, it remains to be tested in the market of intelligent building in China. (Huang Wenfeng)

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