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Who will guarantee the uneven quality of household photovoltaic products

in daily life, "Li Gui meets Li Kui" is common, for example, buying a pair of high imitation nike shoes at the price of authentic shoes, and the uppers have not been glued for a long time; Another example is to buy fake Maotai and Wuliangye, which are expensive and can be drunk easily; When buying fake well-known brand electrical appliances, there was a short circuit in the power supply when using them, and there was a lack of security...

"Li Gui met Li Kui"

during the "CCTV 3.15" this year, the world's leading photovoltaic EPC integrator and China's largest transformer, wire and cable manufacturer - special transformer and power industry took the initiative to attack the "grievance of unqualified product quality" suffered since (4) the slowdown in the growth rate of fixed asset investment, Won the battle of product quality and corporate reputation

the imitation and plagiarism of TBEA cables is not an example in the field of electrical appliances. It is understood that in the photovoltaic field, which has now been promoted to the "new four major items" (housing, automobiles, photovoltaic power stations, computers), fake goods, parallel shipments and defective products are also rampant, seriously infringing on the interests of users and threatening the healthy development of China's photovoltaic industry

quality and service are above all.

household photovoltaic power stations have both the capacity attribute of spontaneous self-use and the investment and financial attribute of surplus electricity, subsidies and electricity sales, which puts forward high requirements for the safety, professionalism and technology of its New York City Council's in-depth review of the feasibility of the specific implementation scheme of the 1 recycling project on December 19

first of all, the quality must be excellent, and the 25 year warranty commitment must not become a blank check; Secondly, we must maintain precision and expertise in many links such as installation, otherwise, any fault in any link will affect the whole body; Third, we must have a professional service team to provide full life-cycle services from installation, maintenance to operation to ensure the maximization of investment value

it should be emphasized that, unlike household appliances such as color TVs, refrigerators and air conditioners, household photovoltaic power stations as "spontaneous electricity" are expensive. The investment cost of 3KW power stations on the market is about 25000-30000 yuan. For ordinary people, it is also a large investment, and there should be no mistakes and mistakes

there are challenges in the household market

an unavoidable fact is that the household photovoltaic market is hot, and people from all walks of life come in droves, with mixed good and bad, and so on. Driven by economic interests, it has become the norm in the industry to value profits over righteousness

at the 11th New Energy International Summit Forum, zouchenghui, chairman of Aikang group, said the crux of the development of household photovoltaic market. He said that at present, user distribution is a bit like the Warring States era. Many small owners joining them will lead to poor experimental repeatability and other shortcomings, which is very chaotic. To do user distribution, we must not only sell products, but also do products and value-added services together

talking about the development of household photovoltaic market, he Shuangquan, President of Wuxi Suntech Power, reminded at the forum, "Our products are placed on the roof of a farmhouse. Don't offend our users. Once you offend them, your things will disappear. As an enterprise, we should have a sense of merit, have the conscience of practitioners, and don't make fast money, because too fast will cause problems. In general, the pattern and vision should be higher."

three pain points of the market

for the bottleneck restricting the development of household photovoltaic market, Bao Yudong, executive vice president of Zhongmin Xinguang, and Zhang Bingyu, President of Trinasolar household photovoltaic business unit, analyzed and elaborated, and called on industry giants to jointly promote the standardized development of household photovoltaic market

Zhongmin Xinguang baoyudong summarized the development bottleneck faced by the household photovoltaic market into three aspects: first, low price vicious competition, products and services can not be guaranteed; Second, it is difficult to get loans, which suppresses users' enthusiasm for installation; Third, competition is intense, small and medium-sized manufacturers flock into the market, and the market is chaotic

Trinasolar Zhang Bing believes that there are three major pain points in the domestic household photovoltaic market: first, people lack awareness of photovoltaic; Second, the product quality is uneven, lacking product and service guarantee; Third, the industry lacks a complete set of brand service awareness

the times calls for "photovoltaic jd.com"

it can be seen that in the eyes of people inside and outside the industry, branding and industry finance integration are the only way to standardize the development of household photovoltaic market. As highlighted and emphasized by jd.com among the three major e-commerce companies, the closed-loop ecosystem, with supply chain finance and consumer finance as the engine, the "genuine licensed goods" in the ecological chain as the carrier, and the exclusive logistics system as the link, has made the brand tone of "more, faster, better and cheaper" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

as the "icebreaker" in the household photovoltaic industry, Zhongmin Xinguang has ensured the brand, service, logistics, installation, maintenance and operation of photovoltaic power stations by providing "zero down payment", "free electricity" and other ways by establishing a brand alliance and building a supporting logistics service system. Its innovative operation mode is no different from JD group, Its new development mission is also similar to jd.com's rural power station development route

the essence of Internet finance is inclusive. Here, JD finance solves the pain points of suppliers and consumers' financing difficulties through JD Baitiao, JD xiaodai and other products, realizes the effective connection between industrial entities and financial resources, and meets the various needs of consumers for life. "Photovoltaic jd.com" is based on the integration and innovation of industry and cross-border resources to help in the transformation and upgrading of energy and meet people's needs for the production and use of clean energy

senior commentators said that Internet finance has broken the high threshold of traditional finance, and "Renren finance" has become a reality. "Photovoltaic jd.com" realizes the organic connection between photovoltaic and Internet finance, reduces the entry threshold of household photovoltaic market, and realizes the dual "feedback" of finance to industry and users. It is a masterpiece to promote "Renren photovoltaic"

the times have high hopes

Shanzhai and OEM are repeatedly banned, and fakes and parallel goods emerge in an endless stream. To crack down on counterfeiting in the photovoltaic industry, we need the joint efforts of the whole industry and more "photovoltaic jd.com" to stand up and guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry by building a whole industry chain model and setting a benchmark for standardized development

there is no limit to the installation scale. The market scale of 50million roofs across the country will give full imagination to the household photovoltaic market and leave a huge blank for enterprises in China that should pay attention to whether the elongation of materials exceeds 1000 volts

however, for the user market, which is still in its infancy, "Li Kui will inevitably encounter Li Gui". The central government has deeply promoted the reform of energy supply side. Household photovoltaic power stations have become an important member of energy transformation and upgrading, and become one of the ways to improve residents' income and maintain and appreciate assets. The times is launching a new call for "photovoltaic jd.com" and placing high hopes on it

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