Why is repayment so important before the year

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Why is repayment so important before the year

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core tips: [China Packaging News] it's the new year, I don't want to ask for the bill again. I urge you to repay it. You say don't worry, and promise to settle it before the New Year! But, dear! Have you ever thought that we are waiting for money and my

but, dear! Have you ever thought that we are waiting for money to settle accounts with my next family, to settle accounts for workers who have worked hard for a year, and to take hard money home for the New Year!!! There are no thirteen months in a year, dear! Please put down all your reasons and help us settle the arrears, which not only makes you become my high-quality customer, but also achieves our win-win situation in 2018!!! We are looking forward to your most touching sentence: "payment has been remitted!"

it's the new year, I don't want to hurt my peace.

I'll exchange 11 months of support for one month of trust.

clearing accounts before the new year is not only our principle, but also a tacit understanding with you. Please give me back how I supported you in the past. Next, enter the clearing docking time. Maybe you will receive my frequent Dunning messages, which is also the last thing I love to do. Please cooperate and understand

it's the new year, and I don't want to be trapped by arrears

my relatives have settled at the end of the year! Please support

while you owe me, I also owe others. I owe others. Try my best to fill in others! No one has no difficulties, no one is easy to do business and help each other! Please treat this trust kindly while supporting you vigorously at ordinary times. I wish you all a prosperous business! Thank you again for those who don't need to rush! Active remittance customers, thank you for your support

you can't break your promise if you lose anything during the new year

service standards and tool specifications are poor, so don't owe money and play missing; No matter how difficult it is, don't keep your word. Jg149 ⑵ 003 expanded polystyrene board thin plastered external wall external insulation system

be upright and do things in a proper manner. Never lose others' trust in you, because others' trust in you is your value in others' eyes. It's not terrible to be at the end of a mountain and a river. I'm afraid I can't bear it. As long as I step by step, there will be everything. Otherwise, one day, when others see you clearly, they will really underestimate you. Cherish what you have at the moment! Those who are honest win the world, and those who are trustworthy can win the hearts of the people...

it's the new year, please pick up the lost reputation

urge the accounts day by day, you and I. 1. It's tiring to complete the corresponding experiments with suitable fixtures, and the urgency also hurts the feelings

therefore, I am extremely grateful to the customers who have cleared the accounts. Thank you for your understanding and support, and look forward to our better 2019. For customers who have not yet settled their accounts, it is only a few days before the new year. Please put down all your reasons and settle their accounts. Credibility is the foundation of business. Credibility is everything! Justice helps more... Long live understanding, thank you for your cooperation It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books, and it is better to read countless people than to travel thousands of miles. Truth is clear, but action is contrary. What is? People are good

it's the new year, and I don't want to be overwhelmed by arrears.

if I don't rush, it's not because I have money. I'm considerate of everyone's difficulties, and I'll survive if I can survive.

when I rush you, I can't stand it anymore. I don't want money to deposit in the bank or engage in investment. I want to pay back the accounts to the suppliers who have always supported me. I hope you can understand each other. It's VIP who can owe money. I hope to cherish it. Don't wait for me to talk about friendship with me when I don't trust you, Cherish what you have at the moment! It's Chinese New Year's day soon. Pay it back when it's time. Thank you for your cooperation

it doesn't matter if you owe others money.

it doesn't matter if you owe a little money.

everyone has a low point.

when doing business,

everyone has a time of poor capital turnover

but don't run away,

don't cheat your partners who have helped and supported you,

don't answer,

don't return messages,

don't pull black,

it's stupid to deceive yourself and others

"trust" - like a piece of paper,

wrinkled, even if it is smoothed, it will not go back to the past,

RMB wrinkled can be reused,

reputation is more precious than RMB,

vacuum exhaust and other devices are really important to repay before the year

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