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How can we become the leader of the domestic arm type industry by seizing the segment market of intelligent aerial work platform

how can we become the leader of the domestic arm type industry by seizing the segment market of intelligent aerial work platform

China Construction machinery information

on September 3, 2019, the global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit were held in Beijing. Among the top 10 global manufacturers of aerial work equipment in 2019, it has jumped to the sixth place in the world

in order to improve the core competitiveness of enterprise arm type intelligent aerial work platform products, in January 2016, Zhejiang Dingli acquired 20% of the shares of Italian intelligent equipment company Manny company to jointly develop arm type intelligent aerial work platform. On December 1st, 2017, Zhejiang Dingli and meidan signed an agreement with Rongguo CMEC, the world's largest production base of high-purity aluminum and high-purity alloy, to purchase 25% equity of CMEC, so that the company's products can enter the American market

according to the 2019 semi annual report of Zhejiang Dingli, the net profit in the first half of this year maintained a double-digit year-on-year growth compared with the previous year. In the first half of this year, the operating revenue of Dingli was 849 million yuan, an increase of 8.05% year-on-year, and the net profit was 260 million yuan, an increase of 26.79% year-on-year. In the future, with the smooth production of phase IV arm capacity, the company will maintain a rapid development trend

Zhejiang Dingli is currently the leading enterprise of smart arm aerial work platform in China. According to market research, the growth rate of domestic lessors' smart arm aerial work platform equipment procurement scale in the first half of 2019 was about 40%. Affected by the rise of labor costs, the improvement of construction efficiency of intelligent aerial work platforms and other factors, the average growth rate of the industry in the three years was about 40%

why does Zhejiang Dingli become the leader of the domestic arm intelligent aerial work platform industry? It can be analyzed from four aspects:

first, ADDA is low-level and strategically ahead of schedule

before 2007, Zhejiang Dingli mainly produced logistics machinery products. However, when participating abroad, Xu Genshu saw the efficiency of using aerial work platforms in the United States, Germany and other countries. At the same time, he also considered that China's demographic dividend would gradually weaken, and intelligent aerial work platforms would also develop greatly in the future. But in China, there was no enterprise producing aerial work platforms at that time. After returning, he made a drastic reform of the team that produces logistics machinery products and transformed the production line

from the perspective of product classification, compared with the scissor type, the arm type intelligent aerial work platform is capable of various harsh working environments. Arm products are small in size, high in price, and the market demand is growing rapidly. However, due to the high production technology requirements of arm type intelligent aerial work platform, only a few domestic manufacturers have full production capacity at present. In the mature European and American markets, the ratio of scissors and arms is 4:5, and the product value ratio is close to 1:5

starting from the initial agent of intelligent aerial work platforms imported from abroad, Zhejiang Dingli gradually realized that it should have its own independent property rights of intelligent arm aerial work platforms, so as to better explore the international and domestic markets, so they took another crucial step in the layout in 2016, international mergers and acquisitions

second, through international mergers and acquisitions, research and development to improve products

in January 2016, Zhejiang Dingli signed a share sale agreement with Manny, Italy, and the company held 20% equity of Manny after increasing the capital of Manny with 14.375 million euros; Zhejiang Dingli's acquisition of Italian Manny company is of great significance

1. Set up Dingli European R & D center. Manny has set up a technical team with many years of experience in the research and development of high-end intelligent high-altitude equipment for Zhejiang Dingli. Globally, the ownership, copyright, patent rights, any patentable and legally protected rights of hardware and software development related to the project belong to Zhejiang Dingli

2. Accelerate the globalization of R & D. Zhejiang has made great efforts to quickly introduce advanced design concepts and industrial production technologies, further improve the level of technology research and development, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, develop various types of intelligent aerial work equipment suitable for developed countries, developing countries and less developed countries, and promote the company's global strategic layout

3. The product line has been extended. Manny authorized Zhejiang Dingli to become its exclusive agent in China, enabling Dingli's product line to achieve a vertical extension to the field of intelligent telescopic boom fork loading

4. Expand the global coverage of products. Our products can further expand the overseas market through Manny's global sales network

5. Improve the international brand status of "Zhejiang Dingli". This cooperation not only improves the international competitiveness of Zhejiang Dingli, but also accumulates successful experience and market resources for further expanding the overseas high-end market. The two sides cooperated to develop intelligent aerial work equipment different from the traditional design concept, and made breakthroughs in all aspects, laying the foundation for Dingli's leading position in the industry and further improving Zhejiang Dingli's international brand position

third, strengthen the spirit of craftsman in management, and make every effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency in cost.

Zhejiang vigorously adheres to the spirit of craftsman, strives for excellence, and systematically builds ingenious products of aerial work platforms from five dimensions: fine design, exquisite research and development, lean manufacturing, sincere service, and high-quality products

from the perspective of specific implementation effect, it takes 38 processes to assemble a scissor type aerial work platform with a price of 100000 yuan. It only takes 15 minutes to complete one intelligent assembly line, and 32 sets are produced a day. Based on 25 working days a month, the production of this product alone reaches about 800 sets a month, which is the output value of 80 million yuan a month

Zhejiang will fully implement cost reduction and efficiency increase, establish a full staff, whole process and all-round cost control system, reduce costs from the aspects of procurement, production, technological transformation, sales, packaging and transportation for long-term trends in the industry, finance, manpower and other dimensions, further optimize production process and improve efficiency. In order to enhance the awareness of all staff to reduce costs, the company implements cost control to all departments, workshops, teams and sections, so that the concept of "reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing benefits, and promoting development" penetrates from the management to every person, striving to effectively control product costs and various expenses, and further improve the overall competitiveness of the company's products

IV. the quality is far beyond the industry standard

since its establishment, the company has established the concept of "quality first and excellence", strictly controlled all links such as design, supply, production, sales and service, and established a quality control system in accordance with international standards

first, in the design process, the functions, manufacturing, service life, etc. of all parts are comprehensively measured and verified; Secondly, in the process of material selection, all raw materials and parts procurement of the company adhere to the high standard of quality first. All electrical parts and key parts are trial assembled and tested. In the production process of structural parts, the whole process of blanking and processing is monitored; In the assembly process, the complete sets of equipment and system modules are professionally assembled by different teams; Finally, after the final assembly is completed, each equipment is comprehensively tested to ensure the quality of the whole machine after the integration of each system

at present, there are European standards, national standards and American standards in the field of aerial work, and Zhejiang vigorously implements enterprise standards higher than these standards. Take the 18232t platform produced by Dingli as an example. Our national project requires only 30 times, and the European standard requires 40000 times. The American Standard has not been quantified. The enterprise standard of Dingli is set to be qualified for 50000 times, and it has been achieved for 80000 times at the highest time, which is twice the European standard

prospects for the future trend of the arm type intelligent aerial work platform industry

the main reasons for the accelerated growth of the aerial work platform industry are as follows: first, the economy. At present, the number of China's labor population continues to decline, the rising labor cost and the tense employment trend are becoming more obvious, and the use of aerial work platforms is more economical than the use of labor

second, safety. The safety awareness of construction parties and users is constantly improving, and the safety assurance system is gradually improving. It is an irreversible development trend for aerial work platforms to gradually replace traditional scaffolds

the third is efficiency. Compared with traditional scaffolding, aerial work platform can significantly improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period and reduce operation cost. Economy, safety and efficiency requirements are important factors to promote the sustainable and rapid development of aerial work platforms

in terms of the ratio of GDP to ownership, for every US $34 million of GDP generated in the United States, there is an aerial work equipment on the market; For every US $51million of GDP generated by the ten European countries, the market needs a high-altitude operation equipment. And China produces 2 With a GDP of 900 million US dollars, there is only one high-altitude operation equipment on the market, which is about times lower than that of the United States and ten European countries

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