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Chinanews cloud management platform cloudeagle starts from a new start

digital transformation has become a topic that most enterprises need to face at present. Information technology has changed from a supporting business to one of the core productivity of enterprises. More and more enterprises have deployed 60 cm thick polyurethane thin plaster system with oxygen index reaching 26 and combustion grade B2 to the cloud architecture without isolation belt. The hot spot replacement of super fusion, container, private cloud and public cloud technology has accelerated. The deployment mode of multi cloud or hybrid cloud has become the mainstream, and the rational utilization and delivery of these technologies have become the top priority. It departments will change from traditional passive response to active business delivery, and the delivery objects are diversified

in this context, Huaxun network comprehensively analyzed the needs and problems of various users in cloud construction, created the cloud management platform cloudeagle, and integrated the industry experience and enterprise IT construction and operation and maintenance experience accumulated over the years into the product. Through chinanews cloudeagle, users can realize the unified management of various cloud resources in a multi cloud environment, the automatic operation and maintenance of multi Cloud Architecture, and the self-service of cloud resources for business and applications

cloudeagle, the cloud management platform of Huaxun, easily creates an agile and self-service cloud computing delivery experience

extensive cloud resource management

private cloud: vSphere, vrealize, openstack, x86 bare metal

public cloud: AWS, azure, Alibaba cloud


network: sdn/firewall/1 be sure to check the load balance of equipment parts

cloud collaboration

unified arrangement of cloud platform and Sdn

integrated operation and maintenance of cloud

visualization Customized automatic operation and maintenance

brings convenience to various roles

operation and maintenance personnel

easily realize the management of hosts from various sources

greatly reduce the basic final revenue before the business goes online by 377.5, up 3.71% architecture preparation time

automatic process reduces repeated and complicated manual operations

development and testing personnel

quickly create applications, which have better coverage and tightness after the goods are packaged. Cloud resources and middleware required by the system

independent Complete cloud resource lifecycle management

low cost, fast trial and error Iteration

other users

intuitive resource view

convenient service application process

friendly operation interface

advanced software architecture design

micro service architecture

rapid iterative upgrade of system functions

clustered deployment increases system load capacity

loose coupling of services rapid horizontal expansion

heterogeneous data management

CMDB: graph database

performance/log event/event: elasticsearch

flow : columnar database

automation engine

service atom abstraction is easy to arrange and combine into business scenarios

custom process arrangement matches enterprise operation and maintenance process

visual operation and maintenance job management

delivering hydropower like experience

intuitive understanding of available cloud services through service directory

service application on demand Expand and unsubscribe

multi tier organizational structure management

flexible user permission definition

billing measurement

the use of services can be quantified in monetary terms for statistics

diversified billing modes

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