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Paint selection rotate the upper collet handle to grasp the upper end of the wire. Strategy: why is imported paint expensive?

in interviews with major building materials markets and building materials supermarkets in Beijing, it was found that compared with the bulk white latex paint packed in white plastic barrels a few years ago and the small barrel paint with only a few brands, such as the interior wall required for decoration today, at this time, the paint is displayed in dozens of containers more than 3 meters high, and the packaging cans are colorful, with hundreds of different brands, specifications High grade products. In terms of price, there are high-end imported coatings with a price of 400 yuan/5 liters, medium-grade Volkswagen products with a price of about 250 yuan/5 liters, and medium and low-grade products with a price of 180 yuan/5 liters. The color of interior wall paint has gone from the popular barley yellow and lotus root color in previous years to the bolder use of color today. Now the paint can meet the ever-changing needs of consumers for color

- imported paint is 20%-50% more expensive than domestic paint.

in a paint supermarket in the building materials market, according to the salesperson, each brand of paint has a series of high, medium and low-grade products. In addition, in order to achieve good decoration effect, the number of times each product requires to be brushed, whether to mix water and other requirements are different with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, so it is difficult to compare the brand as a whole. If the painting cost per square meter is calculated, the original American master paint and German Dufang paint are more expensive; Medium priced products include Nippon Paint, Dulux paint, Levi's paint, dragon paint, etc. Generally speaking, the price of high-end imported paint is 20% - 50% higher than that of domestic famous brand products

- imported coatings are expensive, and the performance of domestic coatings is not inferior

Yang Huan, vice president of China Coating Industry Association and senior engineer, introduced in an interview that it is unreliable to divide the quality of coating products based on price alone. In fact, the quality of interior wall coatings produced by domestic enterprises with a certain scale, technical strength and brand popularity is relatively guaranteed. Some well-known brand products in China have introduced foreign production technology. Compared with those produced by wholly-owned enterprises, everyone should meet the requirements of national standards and mandatory standards, so there is no great difference in performance and quality. Comparing the high-end products produced by domestic enterprises with imported products, the performance is not inferior

if the original imported coating is expensive, the main reason is that its cost is higher than that of domestic products. For example, imported products have to pay certain tariffs, bear transportation costs and publicity costs

- the high-grade paint is more delicate, and the brushing effect is different

a certain household uses a pure imported American brand paint. All people who have visited his home think that the wall really shows a very delicate and just right gloss feeling. This kind of paint, called "mercerized Satin", belongs to the most high-end products in various brands. Yang Huan, vice president of the board of directors, said that just like glue and paste can stick envelopes firmly, the price of glue will be higher. It can also achieve the effect of beautifying the wall, but there are different degrees. The same kind of paint also has high and low grades. The grade of coating mainly depends on the grade of various raw materials used in the production of coating, such as the quality of lotion, and the role played by universal testing machine is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, there are the application of some additives and the selection of pigments. The quality and the addition of additives determine the film-forming effect, bright color, scrub resistance, fineness and uniformity of the coating after brushing. Therefore, the raw material cost of high-grade paint is higher, and the price will be more expensive

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