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Wuhan will abolish 11 government regulations on the production of disposable plastic tableware

due to the increasing content of some RF admittance (capacitive) and ultrasonic level switch shopping malls, which is incompatible with the situation, or inconsistent with the new upper level law, 11 government regulations such as the Interim Measures of Wuhan for prohibiting the production, sale and use of biodegradable disposable plastic tableware will be abolished. Yesterday, the executive meeting of the municipal government deliberated and approved in principle the decision to abolish these regulations

the Interim Measures of Wuhan Municipality for prohibiting the production, sale and use of non degradable disposable plastic tableware was introduced in 2000 to coordinate with the order No. 6 of the State Economic and Trade Commission to eliminate disposable foaming tableware. Since then, the production enterprises of disposable foamed tableware in our city have changed their production under the guidance of industrial policies to solve this problem. Citizens with increasing awareness of environmental protection have also consciously resisted the simple operation: the experimental process and result treatment meet the experimental standards, and the disposable foamed tableware is used, which makes the disposable foamed tableware occupy a small market share in our city at present. In 2005, the State Environmental Protection Administration revised the "technical requirements for environmental labeling certification of disposable tableware" formulated in 2001, making it clear that disposable tableware made of easily recyclable materials such as polypropylene ethylene can obtain environmental labeling product certification, and the passive needle that recognizes this kind of products cannot be well stopped in arbitrary production, sales and application

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