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Why does a power plant under construction win the global award? "Shanghai create" new thermal power plant leads the world

on December 6 (the length can also be tested by pneumatic force on December 5, us time), at the keynote opening meeting of the Power-gen International Conference held in Orlando, Florida, Huaibei Shenneng Power Generation Co., Ltd., as the only winner in China, was awarded the fifth Peabody annual global clean coal leader award

the award was funded and established by the international famous energy giant Peabody (PE improved the accurate measurement of changing mechanical performance indicators to the international advanced level), which aims to commend energy enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to clean coal utilization and carbon emission reduction worldwide. The second phase project of Shenneng Anhui Pingshan power plant under construction by Shenneng Huaibei Shenneng Power Generation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenneng, has been highly recognized by the Organizing Committee of the conference with its "new generation technology" that can achieve the expected standard coal consumption of 251 grams/kWh for power supply. At the award ceremony, the organizing committee believed that the 1350 MW double reheat ultra supercritical coal-fired power unit will become the most efficient coal-fired power unit in the world by adopting the new technology of double shaft high and low-level steam turbine generator unit layout, which will greatly reduce pipeline investment, pressure loss and heat loss, so as to improve thermal efficiency and unit cost performance

from passive introduction to independent innovation, and from following suit to international leadership, the rapid development of thermal power technology in China has amazed domestic and foreign experts for decades. As a national demonstration project adopting the international first high-low layout double shaft secondary reheat technology, Shenneng Anhui Pingshan Power Plant Phase II project (hereinafter referred to as "Pingshan II") will set a new benchmark for the world's thermal power industry. At present, the project has been completed. 3. The data transmission mode is USB transmission. The construction of the 143 meter high boiler steel frame was started in July 2018, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020. It is reported that the power generation after completion will be incorporated into East China power

"pinger" project is called "251 project" by the industry, that is, the expected standard coal consumption for power supply of the unit is 251 g/kWh, which is further reduced by more than 15 g compared with the current state-of-the-art two reheat million kwh unit, which can greatly improve the utilization efficiency of coal resources and reduce flue gas pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from the source. In the power generation industry, it is known as "10 grams of coal consumption is a generation technology". In the field of coal power, where the technology has become mature, it is a great progress to reduce the coal consumption by oneortwo grams, and it is unimaginable for many industry experts to reduce the coal consumption by more than 15 grams

when it comes to "pinger", it is inevitable to talk about the "engine" that promoted the "technological revolution" in the history of thermal power development - "1350 megawatt high-low arrangement double shaft steam turbine generator technology". Feng Weizhong, the inventor of this patented technology and the current chairman of Huaibei Shenneng Power Generation Co., Ltd., can best understand the hardships of repeated research and demonstration from the proposal of this technology in early 2005 to the official approval of the project at the end of 2016

at the beginning of 2005, Feng Weizhong put forward the sub shaft arrangement scheme of high and low-level steam turbine generator units; In December, 2011, the corresponding invention patent "a steam turbine generator set with high and low split shaft arrangement" was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office; In October, 2015, this invention patent obtained the invention patent of the United States, and later, this technology also obtained the invention patent of the European Union. The recognition of technology has promoted the construction of the "pinger" project. In March 2015, the project passed the expert technical review organized by the national energy administration. On December 31, 2016, the phase II project of Shenneng Anhui Pingshan power plant was approved as a national thermal power demonstration project. The demonstration results show that the technical scheme of high and low position layout of double shaft steam turbine adopted in the project is feasible, which can reduce the length of high and medium pressure and high temperature steam pipeline, thus reducing investment, reducing pipeline pressure drop and heat dissipation loss, and then reducing energy consumption. The heat consumption index is the world's advanced level, which is an innovative technology, and the technology and equipment can be independently designed and manufactured, which has a good demonstration role. In addition, the application of this scheme will also provide key technical reserves for the next generation of 700 ℃ advanced ultra supercritical technology

this "revolutionary technology" that shocked China is also famous abroad. The delegation of the U.S. Department of energy visited the model of two reheat double shaft high-low arrangement twice before and after September and December 2016. After listening to the introduction of this technology, the delegation of the U.S. Department of energy was very excited that this technology can make the carbon dioxide emission value lower than the emission standard of carbon dioxide for new coal-fired power units of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) without carbon capture (CCS) facilities, While praising, he also expressed the hope that this technology can be popularized and applied to the United States. Sebasti á n d í AZ, the project leader of the international book, said that Dr. Roland Fischer, the CEO of thermal power of Siemens, a famous power generation equipment manufacturer, once praised that "this technology can greatly improve the net efficiency of thermal power generating units, and it is the only opportunity to reform the highly polluting power generation industry into a low emission green industry"

it is also gratifying that the construction of the "pinger" project has driven the level of domestic power construction. The supplier of the three main engines (boiler, steam turbine and generator) of the "pinger" project is Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., and the designer is East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group. The Construction Party of the boiler and the high-level turbine plant of the project, which is the most different from the conventional unit, is Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd

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