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Who will do "new infrastructure" such as 5g and artificial intelligence

original title: who will do "new infrastructure"? Let's take a look at the specific case first -

recently, Xiamen Kunpeng Supercomputing Center, which was jointly built by Xiamen municipal government and digital China group, was put into use. The center can not only provide massive storage and computing support for governments and enterprises, but also provide supercomputing services such as big data and artificial intelligence in government affairs, health care, marine meteorology and other fields. It will become a benchmark in the field of "new infrastructure" in Xiamen

"the construction of Xiamen Kunpeng Supercomputing Center adopts an innovative mode, that is, digital China is the main body of investment, construction, operation and provision of supercomputing services, and the government purchases services and provides them to enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions." The relevant person in charge of Digital China group told the economy that this model can give full play to the government's macro-control ability and credit advantages, as well as digital China's professional cloud and digital service capabilities, and jointly promote the upgrading of regional and industrial digital capabilities

this typical practice can give us an answer: to do a good job in "new infrastructure", both the government and the market are indispensable

In an interview, Meng Chun, a researcher at the development research center of the State Council and director of the China PPP Research Center at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that at present, on the one hand, the pressure on China's fiscal balance has increased, and it is unrealistic to rely solely on the government for investment and construction of "new infrastructure"; On the other hand, the market itself has strong investment and technology accumulation in 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other fields. Therefore, at present, we should pay attention to giving full play to the joint role of "promising government" and "effective market"

at present, relevant ministries and local governments have begun to make systematic plans for the "new infrastructure". On March 6, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a special meeting on accelerating 5g development, which deployed various tasks, such as accelerating network construction, deepening integrated applications, developing 5g based platform economy, and expanding industrial ecology. Jining City, Shandong Province, organized a special discussion on the construction of new infrastructure, and proposed that we should pay close attention to the study and formulation of the implementation opinions on the development of "new infrastructure", and come up with some highly valuable and operable support policies in terms of planning, land, finance, capital and so on

enterprises are also actively moving towards "new infrastructure". State Grid Corporation of China set up a leading group and a special working group for "new infrastructure". China Mobile, China Unicom and Chinatelecom have recently disclosed 5g construction plans. Alibaba Group signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement with Yuhang District of Hangzhou, announcing that it will accelerate the construction of a series of digital infrastructure in Yuhang District

Pan Chao, vice chairman of Hongtai group and chairman of Hongtai industrial investment, said: "because the 'new infrastructure' has a more distinctive new technical attribute, stronger professionalism and demand orientation, it should rely more on professional institutions in the implementation and play a decisive role in the allocation of resources by the market. The main responsibilities of the government are positioned in overall planning, normative guidance, supervision, risk prevention and creating an environment."

enterprises usher in major opportunities

Tang Jiqiang, chief researcher of the west finance think tank at Southwestern University of Finance and economics, believes that "new infrastructure" is a new market, and theoretically all enterprises may become participants and builders. However, the "new infrastructure" has a relatively high technical and financial threshold, and the opportunities for large industry leading enterprises are greater than those of gbt5027 (1) 999 experimental method of plastic strain ratio (r value) of sheet metal and thin strip. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially innovative scientific and technological enterprises, can actively participate in it through a variety of flexible ways, such as mixed project reform, technology shares, intellectual property rights shares, etc. Tang Jiqiang believes that the "new infrastructure" will become a new driving force for development and a new economic track, putting different enterprises on a new starting line, and a new opportunity for latecomers to catch up and change lanes to surpass

"in the 'new infrastructure', the government should play a key role and drive enterprise investment." Zhouwenyuan, the managing director of Guotai Junan Securities Company, told that because the "new infrastructure" mainly focuses on information infrastructure, science and technology infrastructure, and has the characteristics of long investment cycle and large investment scale, the government needs to play a strong guiding role to create a fairer and more efficient environment for enterprises to participate

of course, if enterprises want to get a share of the "new infrastructure", for future excellent entrepreneurs, they should also strengthen their own skills. Experts believe that enterprises should focus on the construction objectives in the field of "new infrastructure", strengthen research and development, consolidate the technical foundation, optimize the management mechanism, comprehensively improve the ability to participate in "new infrastructure", and win opportunities with strength

seek the best mode of development through reform

different "new infrastructure" projects have different modes and functions of development by the government and the market. "To do a good job in 'new infrastructure' and give full play to the role of all parties, we need to continue to release reform dividends from many aspects." Zhou Wenyuan believed that we should further reduce the financing costs of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, give more credit financing support to affiliated enterprises, bring more development momentum to enterprises through tax reduction and fee reduction, and further expand effective investment and promote consumption

in addition, structural adjustment and upgrading in the field of infrastructure also need further exploration. "The essence of 'new infrastructure' is infrastructure. With the development of new technology, industrial reform and consumption upgrading, the form, composition, management and operation mode of many infrastructure have also undergone great changes, and this change will be sustainable." Pan Chao believes that the "new infrastructure" at this stage should not only pay attention to new facilities such as 5g, but also use new technologies to increase the transformation and upgrading of existing infrastructure, such as using artificial intelligence to transform existing roads, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure

Meng Chun believes that it is very critical to let the government and the market work together better, select investment projects, and strengthen the use of land, energy, capital and other policy support for Shandong Hongwang nickel matrix composite project with an annual output of 1.2 million tons. At the same time, we should innovate and develop the cooperation mode between government and social capital, optimize the business environment, form an effective carrier of cooperation between social capital and local governments, and mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital to a greater extent

"to further strengthen the reform, we can find open solutions by relaxing market access, finding the first phase of the chemical new material base project of Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd. to be completed and put into trial production, so that more enterprises can get equal access." Tang Jiqiang believes

the central economic work conference held in December last year made important arrangements for deepening the reform of the economic system. The meeting proposed to speed up the construction of a high standard market system; We should improve the property rights system and the market-oriented allocation of factors, improve the legal environment that supports the development of private economy, and improve the policy system for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises; We should reform the way of land plan management and deepen the reform of the fiscal and tax system

in the future, with the solid and in-depth implementation of a series of reforms, the hands of the government and the market will create more innovative and efficient construction models for the "new infrastructure". (dongbijuan)

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