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Will the transparent screen be the "uncrowned king" of the LED industry after a small spacing?

as a segment of the LED display market, the transparent led glass screen has not only brought you unprecedented visual experience and new application experience, but also enriched the types and display methods of LED display products, filled the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and provided customers with more choices and possibilities

transparent screens are popular, and can be the king side by side with small spacing

mergers and acquisitions are now commonplace in the LED display industry, and people are also lack of interest in such news. Until the second half of this year, several mergers and acquisitions were announced

on October 27, 2017, Zhouming technology transferred 100% of the equity of Shenzhen rose Technology Co., Ltd. with its own funds, bank loans and other means of RMB 60million. After the completion of this equity transfer, Zhouming technology will hold 100% equity of rose technology, and rose technology will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhouming technology

on September 13, 2017, abison announced that it would invest its own funds to participate in part of the equity of Jinghong technology. Abison invested and participated in 20% equity of Jinghong technology at a consideration of RMB 15million. Abison first received the 5% equity of Lin Yi, the controlling shareholder of Jinghong technology, and then increased the capital of Jinghong technology. After the capital increase, the company held 20% equity of Jinghong technology

at the same time, Wittem's "underground relationship" with a listed enterprise in the industry has also been widely spread. All kinds of news caused a great sensation in the industry, so that practitioners all scrambled to inquire. The root cause is that the companies that have been merged or rumored to be merged have a common feature, and they are all quite accomplished in the field of transparent screens

rose technology was founded in 2009. Its main products include outdoor display screens, LED light bar screens and led grille screens. It mainly provides professional LED display products, system technical solutions and comprehensive supporting services for system integrators, sales and engineering companies, advertising companies and other application enterprises. Founded in 2011, Jinghong technology is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of transparent LED display screens. It has a number of patented technologies, independent intellectual property rights and original automated production and manufacturing processes. These precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5. The design concept of the products is highly original and is in a leading position in the subdivision industry

it is not surprising that the transparent screen is favored by listed enterprises, because it has potential and market. The potential of transparent screen itself is very huge, because it can integrate perfectly with the environment. With the improvement of environmental protection, outdoor advertising and the promotion of the construction of a beautiful new countryside, the limitations of traditional LED outdoor displays are becoming greater and greater. When the conventional display screen is on, it is indeed gorgeous and enchanting, but in the black screen state, it is not too much to say that it is psoriasis in the city. Transparent screen can perfectly solve such embarrassment by nature, so that it can not only complete the display work, but also not affect the beauty of the environment

led transparent screen also has the characteristics of light air cooling, transparency and convenient installation. Product solutions in office buildings, shopping malls, stages, airports, hotels and various glass windows will be highly popular with professional users around the world because they are highly responsive to market needs. Based on the market demand for transparent screens, the friendliness of the environment to transparent screens, and the unique opening up of new ideas for the integration of LED displays and the environment, the biggest advantage of transparent screens is that we can be optimistic about opening our own era for transparent screens

the merger and acquisition of the two listed companies is interpreted as the explosion of transparent screens is coming, and this interpretation has a high accuracy. For example, Zhouming technology said that this transaction is conducive to the company's further deepening of the layout in the LED display industry segment. Rose technology has a certain brand popularity in the display field of LED light bar screen and led grid screen. The two sides will produce synergy in the market, supply chain, management and other aspects, which is conducive to improving the company's comprehensive competitive strength, enhancing the company's profitability, and in line with the company's long-term development strategy. The prospect of transparent screen is recognized by the industry, and its development is quite rapid in recent years. As early as last year, a number of new enterprises were born in the transparent screen field. Now the participation of the two listed companies is likely to produce a fission effect

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