Why is there an error in printing characters

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Why are there errors in printing characters

there is an Epson color 1520k inkjet printer, and the printed text content is suddenly very different from the usual, which not only gives people a feeling of dim and fuzzy handwriting, but also makes the output text turn into all kinds of strange characters later! What's the matter? The author believes that since the Epson inkjet printer can be turned on normally, cleaned and reset normally after turning on the power supply and developing towards the integration of industrial chain 1, and the text content can be printed out, it shows that there will be no major problems in the hardware part of the printer itself. From the analysis of the printing results, the phenomenon of strange characters in the printed content is likely to be the problem of the printer driver, such as the file of the driver is damaged or lost, which affects the normal output of the printer. The wear resistance is to evaluate the wear resistance of the friction material, resulting in the final appearance of strange characters; According to this analysis, the author immediately drove the cat to the Epson station to find the latest version of the driver consistent with my printer model, and then opened the printer window in the control panel, where the installed epso8 Control mode and control speed are set randomly. N inkjet printer is deleted from the system; After restarting the computer, re execute the printer installation program from the designated position of the hard disk. After installing the printer, I immediately carried out the printing test, but the printed content disappointed me, and the paper was full of messy and specious strange articles

is the computer attacked by a virus? Generally speaking, the failure of strange characters is most likely caused by the virus. At this time, the author has no good tricks, so I have to think about where it is. We found the genuine KV3000 anti-virus software and comprehensively "hanged" the computer. Fortunately, after a long time of waiting, many viruses were "killed". I thought that I had found the "cause", and my hanging heart became relaxed. I thought that the virus had been "conquered", and the printer should not "strike". Unfortunately, the author's efforts this time failed again. Since the "mischief" between the driver and the virus is eliminated, is it likely that there is a problem with the windows system or the printer cartridge? The author thought that a few days ago, a colleague replaced a new ink cartridge for the printer, so he found a colleague and asked him if he had a new ink cartridge? He then brought me a new ink cartridge purchased with the s020108/mjic8 ink cartridge used in the inkjet printer. When I wanted to tear the tape outside the ink cartridge with my hand, I found it very difficult, so I tore it with the help of a blade. To my surprise, there were scratches on the surface of the new ink cartridge. I estimated that the ink cartridge bought by my colleague must be a fake product. In order to verify whether the strange character fault was caused by the ink cartridge, the author still put the fake ink cartridge into the ink cartridge rack of the ink-jet printer, then turned off the ink-jet printer, restarted the computer, and then printed a simple test page with the printer. As a result, the printing sound sent by the printer seemed to be normal, but there was no character on the paper, Obviously, the fault of strange characters is caused by the quality of the ink cartridge. No way, go back to the store and buy it. You can stretch, compress, zigzag, peel, cut and other performance tests on various materials. After installing an authentic ink cartridge in the correct order, turn on the printer again for printing test

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