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Wuhan uses this high technology to "check up" the underground high-voltage cables and eliminate the risk of failure and power failure in advance. Chutian Metropolis Daily, April 7 (correspondent of Cao Lei, Zhu Chengwen, Inner Mongolia, Xiao Yao, Wang Ge). Wuhan will conduct a deep "physical examination" of the underground high-voltage cables, and will apply intelligent pulse "electronic eyes". This morning, China Wuhan power supply company went to the southwest, so under the condition that the speed of the traction line has not changed, regional vehicles can choose Beijing Kunming Expressway to leave the Beijing Wuchang power distribution and inspection room to carry out oscillation wave partial discharge test on the cable section of the important power maintenance line of the 10 kV military games, so as to carry out in-depth physical examination for the line, and further ensure the stable power consumption of the military games venues and hotels

"the cable lines are buried underground, so it is difficult for the power supply personnel to monitor their internal operation conditions during daily inspection." At the scene of "physical examination" of underground cables in Wuchang power distribution inspection room, the staff told that the fault handling of underground cables was relatively passive, and the fault detection time was long after the fault, and the power failure affected a wide range. In order to meet the "zero flicker" power supply requirements of the power supply of important power maintenance venues and hotels during the military games, Wuchang power distribution operation inspection room took the lead in applying the oscillating wave partial discharge detection technology throughout the province to diagnose the health status of the cable through the analysis and calculation of the reflected wave of the pulse signal

according to the power supply personnel, the oscillating wave partial discharge detection technology can accurately locate e: the power and transmission system is more compact, and the internal insulation defects of the cable middle head and body can not be found in the traditional inspection. The partial discharge detection of oscillating wave has the advantages of full coverage, no damage and accurate positioning. The pulse signal acts as an "electronic eye", and then through intelligent data comparison and screening, the "focus" of the cable can be found, and the defects can be eliminated in the bud, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of cable faults and greatly reduce the power outage caused by cable faults

According to Chen Jiang, director of Wuchang power distribution and inspection office, there are 6 military games venues and 24 hotels in Wuchang area, involving 36 10kV cable lines and 72 important cable sections, with a total length of 116 kilometers. Wuchang power distribution operation inspection room used the low peak period of Qingming Festival to detect the partial discharge of oscillation wave on four power maintaining cables, and found out one defect in the middle of the cable, which has been eliminated in time. Next, the Wuchang power distribution operation inspection room will reasonably arrange the inspection plan, and use the pulse "electronic eye" to conduct health inspection on all cables involved in the insurance, so as to ensure the "zero defect" operation of power supply equipment in the power protection venues and hotels of the military games

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