Who will win the most popular PPP mode or EMC mode

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Who will win the PPP mode or EMC mode in the future

in the past two years, the lighting engineering market has developed rapidly, and many lighting engineering enterprises have won hundreds of millions of yuan. The operation modes of these lighting projects include PPP mode and EMC mode. What is the current situation of EMC mode when the country vigorously promotes PPP mode? What are the differences between these two models

recent reports

ppp and EMC models, who is more valued

on February 28, lyade announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary won the bid for the "large-scale indoor Context Interpretation EPC project of Dayong ancient city in Zhangjiajie, Hunan", with a bid winning amount of 109 million yuan. Among them, EPC refers to the whole process or several stages of contracting for the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, etc. of engineering construction projects entrusted by the entrusting party in accordance with the contract. Despite the large scale of EPC projects, PPP and EMC models have become more common models for enterprises in the lighting industry, especially PPP model has become a hot spot in lighting engineering projects in recent years

on January 17, 2017, alto electronic announced that it was confirmed that the consortium led by QianBaiHui won the bid for the urban lighting infrastructure and lighting tourism PPP project in Wuhai, and the total investment of the project was estimated to be about 18180900 yuan; On July 12, 2016, Shenzhen JINDA lighting became the bid winner of the consortium of "Chifeng new area night lighting renovation and upgrading PPP project", with a total bid price of 255.5 million yuan; In the first half of 2016, Guoyu adopted EMC mode to cooperate with Huayi Brothers media group to build its municipal landscape design and construction project in Huayi banyan tree Artist Village in Suzhou... PPP and EMC modes are widely used in lighting engineering projects. So, which of these two modes is more popular

in view of the advantages and disadvantages of PPP mode and EMC mode, big lighting interviewed some people in the lighting industry and summarized the following views:

1. Both PPP and EMC modes contain "capital risks". Similar to general projects, when contracting engineering projects, lighting enterprises bear risks including large investment in early-stage engineering funds, price changes of Engineering funds, delays in settlement and so on. Lighting engineering enterprises adopting these two operation modes must have certain scale strength and capital charm in order to prevent the risk of project operating funds and ensure the sustainable and quality completion of the project

2. PPP mode and EMC mode have their own advantages and disadvantages. The EMC model can reduce the capital and technical risks of the rapid development of energy-saving transformation of enterprises, especially in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and improve energy efficiency. However, the disadvantages of the EMC model can only measure energy-saving benefits, and enterprises cannot obtain benefits from other benefits derived from the project. PPP mode can solve the problems of income risk and financing difficulty of LED lighting projects, but the disadvantage of PPP mode is that the organization form of the government and cooperative companies is relatively complex when building and operating projects, which increases the difficulty of management coordination

3. PPP mode has increasingly become the focus of the industry. In the EMC model, the roles of enterprises and governments are relatively independent. As the main investor, energy-saving service companies mainly obtain benefits from energy-saving effects. In contrast, energy-saving service companies are also risk bearers; PPP mode is a community relationship that the government and social capital establish "benefit sharing, risk sharing and whole process cooperation". In the lighting project implemented in PPP mode, the government and investment enterprises are no longer independent individuals, but a community of interests, which can solve the problem of project income risk. Although the PPP model is still in the exploratory stage, international experience and successful cases in other fields show that PPP will become a new engine for economic development, or will become the focus of attention in the field of lighting engineering

professional forecast

who can shine in the future lighting engineering market

at present, relevant analysis reports point out that the future lighting engineering market has great prospects. Under this premise, what will happen to the future lighting engineering market in order to facilitate the opening of packaging bags? Will any lighting engineering enterprises successfully become a 1billion level brand

"integrated solution provider"

will win the competition in the future

with the continuous promotion of national urbanization, urban lighting, a part of urban public municipal construction, is also indirectly promoted to develop. In cities with relatively developed economies, landscape lighting projects will account for a higher proportion. In inland third and fourth tier cities, the urban road lighting replacement market and landscape lighting market have relatively large development space. In general, the lighting engineering industry as a whole has low concentration and fierce competition. The industry has not yet formed a nationally influential company, and the one who will win the competition in the future will be the leading comprehensive solution provider in the lighting engineering industry

in addition, the lighting engineering industry is currently in a state of oversupply, with increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, product homogeneity, and low brand loyalty of end customers and dealers in engineering channels. Lighting enterprises need to develop more high-quality and distinctive products, which will enhance their service ability to channel partners and end customers and capture their hearts. In addition, when purchasing, the government should not blindly pursue low prices and guide the benign development of the market

LED street lamp engineering transformation will become the future development trend

Liu Cheng, general manager of Yutai optoelectronics

I think the main problems in the lighting engineering industry are: first, the current product quality is uneven; Second, the application function of the product is too single. Facing these problems existing in the lighting engineering industry, lighting engineering enterprises can make breakthroughs in the following aspects: first, change their ideas, constantly learn new technologies, new knowledge and new ideas, and implant the advanced concepts of the times into lighting products; Second, improve the scientific and technological content that some manufacturers can only output products with maximum force value; The third is to reduce the use cost of investment

in recent years, driven by the concepts of "low-carbon economy", "environmental protection and energy conservation", LED street lamp engineering transformation will become the development trend in the future. I think the next three to five years will be a critical period for the integration and development of the lighting industry, and there will not be too many lighting engineering enterprises with a scale of 1billion yuan. In addition, in the lighting engineering industry, lighting enterprises that combine solar photovoltaic modules with LED lamps will stand out

the lighting engineering industry is developing towards specialization and integration

dushujing, marketing director of Lianpu lighting

in the future, the lighting engineering industry will develop towards differentiation and specialization in terms of products; In terms of engineering nature, the industry will develop in a large-scale and comprehensive way. In my opinion, there are already lighting engineering enterprises with a scale of 500 to 1billion yuan, and there are not a few

at present, most provinces have lighting engineering enterprises that focus on landscape lighting and obtain local protection. It will be difficult for lighting enterprises that do indoor lighting, industrial lighting and special lighting to obtain market share of these landscape lighting. In addition, manufacturers with excellent engineering qualifications and R & D capabilities of overall lighting solutions will be more favored by the market

the author observes that the engineering market is large, and "taking orders" depends on strength

because the PPP mode enables the government and social capital to form a partnership of benefit sharing and risk sharing, and can effectively resolve local debt risks and improve project operation efficiency, it has been vigorously promoted by the government. Using the PPP mode to carry out public lighting energy-saving reconstruction service projects can not only reduce the financial pressure of the government, but also fully release the production capacity of LED lighting production enterprises, Therefore, it has become a new energy-saving transformation mode of street lamps. At present, the state vigorously promotes the application of PPP mode in the field of infrastructure and public utilities. The number of PPP projects announced by provinces and cities has reached 1940, with a total investment of 2.6 trillion yuan

although the lighting engineering market is large and the PPP mode has many benefits for lighting engineering projects, lighting enterprises need to improve themselves in many aspects and have corresponding strength if they want to successfully get orders. Li Siyuan, director of Qinshang's marketing department, said that whether it is outdoor, landscape, or indoor lighting projects, lighting enterprises have high requirements for the R & D and production capacity of lighting products, requiring professional product lines and lighting engineering design capabilities; Lighting enterprises that have strong resource integration capabilities, complete product lines, excellent technical strength and service capabilities, rich project operation experience, and can provide customers with one-stop services are needed to seize more market share in the future

in addition to the current popular PPP mode and EMC mode, there are other dynamic lighting engineering operation modes in China, such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises with strong strength and enterprises receiving policy subsidies actively participate in and invest, and drive private enterprises to do some relatively stable engineering projects and provide technical support

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