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Will bar code printing be the trend of future development?

with the development of society and the rapid development of e-commerce, different industries are competing for the top. If the experimental machine is different, the speed of material requirements is also different. Relatively, entering the road of e-commerce, the bar code paper printing industry is also unwilling to lag behind. Last night, one of the leaders in the bar code printing industry, Earlier enterprises have stepped into the road of bar code printing paper, which has become the bar code paper transaction in China. For long-term paper mills and printing mills, there is a serious pollution to the environment. Low carbon and environmental protection must be the development trend of bar code paper printing

according to the data of China's barcode paper transactions, the global consumption of barcode paper labels has exceeded 40 billion square meters, and the sales volume has reached more than 70 billion US dollars; Among them, China accounts for about 20%, maintaining relatively rapid growth, while Western Europe accounts for 20% 2 Seventh, the United States accounts for 28%, Eastern Europe accounts for 8%, Japan accounts for 7%, South America accounts for 6%, India and other regions account for 4% respectively; According to this trend, China's label printing will soon occupy the first place in the world. If better and effective measures are not adopted, the label printing industry, which will develop rapidly, will increase environmental pollution

in the green printing of bar code paper, bar code paper has long put green environmental protection in the forefront of enterprise development. Because the company can embark on the road of successful best-selling market, and because it pays more attention to environmental treatment, the paper industry is one of the largest environmental pollution. According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Bureau, the total emission of COD in the paper industry reaches 1.6 million, and you will get a rich salary return of about 180000 tons, It accounts for about 30% of the national industrial emissions

with the rapid development of bar code paper printing in the field of e-commerce, the transaction crisis in e-commerce has also brought a great bad impression to many consumers. In order to provide a safe and reliable trading platform for bar code paper enterprises, the enterprise members of the platform will be manually verified by operators and strictly authenticated to ensure the integrity of merchants, Low carbon and environmental protection will become the development trend of bar code paper printing

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