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Why do tower collapse accidents happen frequently? Expose the hidden worries of the wind power industry

China's wind power development has entered the fast lane for more than a decade, and has become the main engine to promote the growth of global wind power installed capacity. However, the recent wind turbine collapse accident has raised the hidden worries of unstable product quality and mismanagement in the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry. A broken wing fan warns us that unstable factors may be pushing the wind power industry into the abyss step by step

on July 25, a wind turbine collapse accident occurred in a wind farm in naomao lake, Xinjiang, causing a disturbance in the industry. The broken wing fan picture was accompanied by an untrue report that slandered Shanxi fuxingtong heavy ring forgings Co., Ltd. and believed that the flange provided to Datang Group had quality problems, which once again pushed the wind power accident to the forefront of public opinion

when talking about the recent wind power accidents, the industry kept a tight lid on them, and they were not willing to talk more than shocked, saying that they "didn't know the situation". A senior insider has become familiar with wind power accidents. He told energy magazine, "it is inevitable that several of the 110000 units will fall. There is no common cause between the accidents. They are all caused by themselves. The specific tower collapse accident of a certain unit should be analyzed in detail."

however, in 2010, the wind power industry ushered in a "wind disaster". Fire and collapse accidents have damaged the entire industry as a critical processing equipment. Because of the poor transparency of the industry, the exposed accidents are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the "lying gun" flange manufacturers, the truth of frequent accidents in the wind power industry is hidden in low-cost competition, unstable quality, brain drain, disjointed operation and maintenance, and loss of management

according to energy magazine, China's wind power generation and utilization hours in the first half of the year increased year-on-year, while the amount of abandoned wind power decreased sharply. According to the data of the energy administration, the new scale of wind power in China will reach 30.65 million KW this year. When the overall development of wind power is improving, we should not only cheer for it, but also need to "think coldly" and clean up the "stumbling blocks" on the road of wind power development in time

the fan accident caused huge economic losses to the wind farm, and even damaged the reputation of the enterprise. The bitter fruit caused by multiple factors needs to be overcome urgently

quality control disadvantages

although China's wind power industry has begun to enter the stage of quality and technology competition, the production of wind turbine units and components in China is mostly in a state of overcapacity, and the industry has not completely got rid of the vicious circle of low-cost disorderly competition. An insider said, "the generous subsidies for renewable energy power generation have led to a general overcapacity of domestic wind turbine components and complete machines, and the overcapacity has brought a price war. The domestic complete machine manufacturers" we have been working with our partners to develop new levels of TPE. Although some died in recent years, there are more than 20. " 。

the poor quality of wind power equipment and the flooding of low-quality products in the market are a major drawback perplexing the development of China's wind power industry. "In order to win in the fierce competition, wind power enterprises constantly squeeze the profit space, and use components with low prices in order to reduce costs. Low price disorderly competition has led to the flooding of low-quality products in the market, which has buried hidden dangers for accidents." An industry insider who has worked in wind power for many years told energy magazine, "affected by overcapacity, suppliers must maintain a low cost. In order to obtain orders, they often 'find another way', which is not very fair. In addition, low-cost bidding, which emphasizes price over quality, makes the phenomenon of 'bad money chasing good money' emerge one after another."

facing the pressure of parity, the wind power industry, which takes reducing the cost of kilowatt hour power as the first priority, apportions the pressure transmission to the links of component quality, hoisting, maintenance, unit transformation and wind farm management, laying hidden dangers for wind turbine damage accidents. A person in charge of a complete machine manufacturer told Energy Magazine bluntly, "Chinese wind power enterprises are too opportunistic and eager for quick success and instant benefits. The credit of Chinese enterprises is not profitable. All cats and dogs dare to sell wind turbines."

in addition, as China's wind power market shifts towards low wind speed, these areas tend to have complex terrain and frequent meteorological disasters, which means that the cost is uncontrollable. The turbulence intensity is relatively large and the vibration is relatively high, which leads to the reliability problems of the fan in the actual output process. In addition, the low wind speed area has a wide area, a large scale, and the parking spots are relatively scattered, making the later operation and maintenance more difficult

poor unit installation and construction quality are the main causes of accidents. "The quality of the equipment is good. It was originally designed very well, but the construction quality is not good, and the flexibility of the high tower is poor. There may still be problems." An engineer of Longyuan electric power said in an interview with energy magazine, "low wind speed must first ensure safety and reduce the difficulty of construction." In order to realize power generation in low wind speed areas and improve wind capture efficiency, the height of the tower and the blades are continuously increased in China. However, due to the lack of long-term operation, the safety needs to be verified. "The control should keep up. The control of the whole machine, the control of frequency conversion and the control of vibration. If the light increases, grows, and resonates at once, the fan will fall down. These are all supporting."

for machine manufacturers, flexible tower technology currently has more advantages in economy, but it also puts forward higher requirements for machine manufacturers' control technology. According to energy magazine, during the two-year commercial operation, the main failures of the accident were the pitch control system and the frequency conversion system. "Technological progress must be monitored. Monitoring in all aspects, including vibration, oil and liquid, is the most easily damaged part of the tower electronic universal experimental machine. The second is that the operation and maintenance is more difficult than before when the Electromechanical is high, and it is also more difficult for personnel to arrive. The main control also needs to cooperate in all aspects. This is a system, not just lengthening and widening." The above person analyzed

another voice believes that low price competition and the lengthening of tower blades are not the direct reasons for the fall of the fan tower. The high tower has been raised only in recent years, and the recently fallen fans are all installed previously. The crux of the wind turbine safety accident should be attributed to the lax control of the quality of equipment and raw materials, the loss of supervision of the wind farm, and the insufficient training of technicians

disjointed operation and maintenance

on February 16 and 20, 2016, wind turbines fell down and caused equipment damage in Datang Hebei wumountaineering wind farm and Shanxi Pianguan Shuiquan wind farm. Afterwards, Datang Group disclosed the causes of the two accidents. The notification showed that the direct cause of the tower collapse accident of No. 110 fan in Hebei Wudeng mountain wind farm was the quality problem of blades. The direct cause of the accident was that the vibration value of the fan seriously exceeded the standard, causing fatigue cracking of the flange and causing the fan to fall down

in addition to the direct reasons mentioned above, Datang Group said that the company's excessive dependence on the technical personnel of wind turbine manufacturers was also one of the reasons for wind turbine accidents, and said that it would improve the technical ability and business level of wind power personnel and completely change its excessive dependence on the personnel of wind turbine manufacturers

it can be seen that the disconnection between unit R & D and operation and maintenance and the substitution of package for management is a problem that needs to be overcome to cause wind power accidents. At present, the vast majority of wind farms in China mainly rely on on on-site personnel boarding to judge and deal with unit faults, check and eliminate potential safety hazards. The technical personnel of the company's headquarters and districts cannot directly participate in the fault diagnosis and inspection of wind farm units through remote, so it is difficult to provide strong technical support to the site. In addition to providing spare parts, the company headquarters and districts of equipment manufacturers are difficult to play a direct role in on-site unit management, fault diagnosis and treatment. The wind farm is seriously disconnected from the company's headquarters and regions

Wang Mingjun of Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. once wrote that during the warranty period, the owner's personnel are not responsible for the specific work of unit maintenance, nor are they obliged to monitor the unit for the manufacturer. Usually, the owner's personnel can't give guidance to the fault handler, and can't make an objective analysis of the fault. After the unit fault is handled, they can't make a reasonable judgment on whether there are still problems in the unit, or whether some potential safety hazards are left due to the fault handling

in addition, technology is also a major breakthrough from buying drawings from abroad. After the unit is guaranteed, the seamless handover of wind farm maintenance personnel is difficult, and many wind farms are worried about the operation and maintenance quality and the technical level of on-site personnel

Wang Mingjun's view is that many wind farms do not supply spare parts in time after the unit is guaranteed, so it is more difficult to ensure the normal maintenance and operation of the unit. In order to complete the power generation index issued by the superior, the maintenance personnel did not carry out maintenance according to the safety protection and design requirements of the unit, did not hesitate to remove the redundant protection, and took methods such as shorting the line and modifying parameters, which led to the long-term operation of the unit with problems and artificially created safety hazards

it is important that after the unit is guaranteed, some wind farm owners outsource the unit repair and maintenance by winning the bid at a low price. In order to make profits, outsourcing operation and maintenance enterprises keep the wages of on-site personnel very low. Most wind farms in China are located in remote areas with difficult conditions. Young people have greatly reduced their acceptance of jobs with high intensity, low wages and high risk factors, resulting in the loss of experienced technicians and faults

1 on the one hand, exchange academic and technical

counterfeiting, low-cost competition, lax control of raw material quality, loss of supervision of wind farms, loss of technicians, and broken fans wake up the alarm. "Problems in the wind power market lag behind. Before the problems are fully exposed, thousands of units have been installed, so once there are problems, they cannot be solved." Wu Kai, executive vice president of Goldwind technology, said in an interview with energy earlier

wind power is a long-distance and high-risk industry. "We should be lean, professional, down-to-earth, and act according to scientific laws. As long as we do business, we don't want to opportunistic things," Wu Kai said. "Everyone is looking for martial arts secrets, and there are no secrets. No matter how good the learning method is, we must work hard."

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