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Why is Taishan nuclear power station the most advanced nuclear power station in the world? Why is Taishan nuclear power station the most advanced nuclear power station in the world at present? Designated paint brand - France Messrs paint, paint,

why is Taishan nuclear power station the most advanced nuclear power station in the world at present? Designated paint brand - France Messrs paint

May 29, 2020

since Comrade Deng Xiaoping decided to introduce French nuclear power in 1978, after years of unremitting efforts of the Chinese people, the achievements have not only attracted the attention of the world, but also exported to the western developed country, the UK - Hinkley point nuclear power station

Taishan nuclear power was registered and established in July 2007, with a registered capital of 28.6 billion yuan, of which EDF holds 30% of the shares. On November 26th, 2007, witnessed by President Hu Jintao and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, CGNPC and EDF Areva signed cooperation agreements and contracts respectively, marking the beginning of China's move towards a new starting point for the construction of three generations of nuclear power

Taking photoelectric encoder as digital quantity and speed feedback

Taishan nuclear power phase I project is the largest cooperation project between China and France in the field of energy in China

Taishan nuclear power station is located in Chixi Town, Taishan City, Guangdong Province. It plans to build six pressurized water reactor nuclear power units. The phase I project will introduce the third generation nuclear power EPR (world advanced pressurized water reactor) technology and build two nuclear power units with a single unit capacity of 1.75 million KW

after the completion of two units of Taishan nuclear power station phase I project, the consumption of standard coal can be reduced by about 8.42 million tons per year, and the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced by more than 22.7 million tons

The EPR reactor of Taishan nuclear power station is a reactor jointly developed by Framatome and Siemens. It is the third generation nuclear power technology jointly developed by EDF and Framatome, which has recently become a subsidiary of EDF. This technology has absorbed the operation experience feedback and technical progress of PWR nuclear power units accumulated internationally in the past 40 years. The main technology has been tested by 357 PWR nuclear power units in operation for thousands of years in the world for more than 40 years

on December 21, 2009 and April 15, 2010, Taishan nuclear power units 1 and 2 were started respectively, and the overall progress of the project was smooth, and the engineering construction progress of Taishan nuclear power was advancing as planned

on June 29, 2018, as the world's first reactor of EPR (evolutionarypower reactors), Taishan nuclear power unit 1 was officially put into power generation. It has become the world's first EPR third-generation nuclear power unit with commercial operation conditions

world map of nuclear power technology development

on September 7, 2019, Taishan nuclear power station introduced EPR technology construction, and Taishan nuclear power unit 2, also the second EPR unit in the world, was put into commercial operation

as the most advanced nuclear power plant in the world, where is the EPR of the new generation nuclear reactor advanced

first, EPR has achieved three goals: customer demand, higher safety performance, and improved efficiency:

1. It meets all the requirements of European power company in the "European user requirements document" that we should focus on electrolytic aluminum supply and transformation and new energy lithium, cobalt, magnetic materials, 1 belt, 1 road and other related targets

2. It meets the nuclear safety standards proposed by the French nuclear safety agency for future pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants

3. Improve the economic competitiveness of nuclear power, and the power generation cost of EPR will be 10% lower than that of N4 series

nuclear power plant control room

II. The main features of EPR

1. EPR is the latest reactor in the world, developed on the basis of the konvoi reactor built in France N4 and Germany, and has learned more than 30 years of experience in the operation of nuclear power plants

2. EPR is a progressive rather than revolutionary product, which maintains the continuity of technology and has no problem of technological generation. EPR adopts the technological innovation achievements of the French Atomic Energy Commission

3. EPR is a new generation reactor, which has higher economic and technical performance: reduce the cost of power generation, make full use of nuclear fuel (UO2 or MOX), operate more flexibly and overhaul more conveniently

4. EPR belongs to pressurized water reactor technology. All nuclear power plants in operation in France are pressurized water reactors. There are 440 nuclear power units in operation in the world, of which 209 are pressurized water reactors. Pressurized water reactor is the most widely used reactor type in the world

5. EPR can use all kinds of PWR fuels: low enriched uranium fuel (5%), recycled fuel. All EPR cores can be loaded with MOX fuel

6. EPR generating power is about 1600 MW. It is suitable for high-capacity units in areas with high population density or large-scale electricity

7. The technical life of EPR is 60 years, and the technical life of the reactor currently in operation is 40 years. Increase the service life by 50%

working principle diagram of EPR nuclear reactor

III. higher economic performance

1. EPR power (about 1600 MW), higher than the operating reactor

2. Shorter construction period: only 57 months from construction to commercial transportation

3. The energy efficiency is increased to 36%, which is the best indicator of light water reactor

4. EPR technology 1 must keep the experimental machine clean; The operative life span will reach 60 years

5. Improve the utilization rate of fuel. With the same power generation, EPR will reduce the use of uranium by 15%

6. EPR reduces the operation cost:

the automation level is higher, and manual intervention is reduced; The equipment layout is more reasonable, and standardized maintenance and repair without shutdown can be carried out

the shutdown refueling period is reduced to 16 days; The availability rate of the reactor during its life can reach 91%, and the average utilization rate of the reactor in service is 82%

7. The power generation cost of EPR will be reduced to 30 euros/mwh, 20% lower than that of its main competitor - natural gas. The cost of power generation includes various external costs: R & D fees, spent fuel reprocessing fees, waste disposal fees, and Facility Decommissioning fees. In contrast, the cost of fossil energy power generation does not include external costs

EPR principle model diagram

France is the first country to provide civil nuclear technology to China, and the Sino French nuclear energy cooperation continues to bloom the flower of friendship. China France nuclear energy cooperation began with the Daya Bay nuclear power plant, the first megawatt nuclear power plant in Chinese Mainland. In December 1978, Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform and opening up, announced the introduction of two French nuclear power plant equipment after meeting with the French Minister of foreign trade. In the 1980s, CGN, together with EDF and Framatome, successfully built the Daya Bay nuclear power station, which achieved the start of China's large-scale commercial nuclear power. Nuclear energy cooperation is an important part of the economic and technical cooperation between China and France, and such materials are not widely used in the field of construction engineering. CGNPC has always been the main force of Sino French nuclear energy cooperation, and its cooperation with French enterprises in the field of nuclear power has never been interrupted for more than 30 years

from Daya Bay to Taishan nuclear power, and then to the Hinkley point nuclear power project in the UK, with the support of the Chinese and French governments, the cooperation between CGNPC and French enterprises has been fruitful and satisfactory. Nuclear energy cooperation has become one of the most extensive and effective areas of bilateral cooperation between China and France, and an important part of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and France

site map of Hinkley point nuclear power construction in the United Kingdom participated by CGNPC

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