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Who is better, imported instruments versus domestic instruments

at present, instruments have become one of the industries with rapid development in China's equipment manufacturing industry. The types of instruments are increasing, and various industries have higher and higher requirements for instrument quality and technology. However, like most of the machinery industry, China's instrument industry is also facing the development bottleneck of late start and poor foundation

when purchasing, most enterprises prefer imported products, and even some people in the industry believe that "domestic goods are not as good as joint venture goods, and joint venture goods are not as good as imported goods"

the so-called imported goods refer to the products imported with original packaging, which are completely carried out in foreign origin from research and development to production, and strictly implement foreign standards; Joint venture goods, as the name suggests, is a project jointly established by China and foreign investors. Foreign countries provide technology, talents, brands, etc., which are assembled in China, and the products comply with European and American standards; Domestic products are products designed and manufactured by Chinese people to implement national standards

As the basis of manufacturing industry, instruments are widely used in all walks of life. Therefore, the localization process of instruments has always been a problem of great concern to the country

after years of efforts, the localization of instruments in China has made very gratifying progress. For example, in the field of valves, major breakthroughs have been made in key valves of CNNC suvalve nuclear power plant; Kaifeng high pressure valve million unit WB36 forged steel valve has been successfully developed; The successful application of Chengdu Chengfeng valve large-diameter flat gate valve and Suzhou Neway valve ball valve in the "west to East Gas Transmission" pipeline... In some highly demanding fields, the R & D and industrialization of valves in China have performed well. However, when enterprises purchase, they still lack trust in domestic instruments, especially in the high-end field, and pursue imports

so, which is better between domestic instruments and imported instruments? Today, we will analyze it from the following points

product quality

there is no doubt that quality is the key factor for users to choose a product. The working environment of the instrument is usually bad, so the quality and service life of the instrument are very important

due to the early start of the research on instruments and meters in foreign countries, the processing equipment and R & D level are more advanced than those in China. However, in recent years, the quality of instruments in China has also been greatly improved. In the 1980s, China began to organize key enterprises to introduce advanced design, technology and processing equipment of foreign instruments and meters. After decades of absorption and digestion, the manufacturing technology and quality of instruments and meters in China have been greatly improved

in the field of low-end instruments, the quality of domestic instruments is completely comparable to that of foreign instruments. In the field of high-end instruments, China is also increasing research and development efforts, continuing to invest funds, and has made a series of breakthroughs

recommended index of imported instruments: ★★★

recommended index of domestic instruments: ★★


price is the first consideration when users choose products in addition to quality. When imported instruments pass through the customs, they have to add tariffs, fire taxes, etc. one after another, plus China's relatively low labor costs, which makes the production cost of domestic instruments far lower than that of imported instruments. It can be said that with the same material and the same function, the price of imported instruments should be noted that this state is several times that of domestic instruments

at the same time, the fierce market competition makes enterprises strive to reduce production costs in order to increase the market share of 182 aerial work machines. In terms of cost performance, domestic instruments have more advantages

recommended index of imported instruments: ★★★

recommended index of domestic instruments: ★★

after sales service

after sales service of instrument products is the key link of marketing management, and users pay more and more attention to after-sales service. In this regard, domestic instruments occupy geographical advantages over imported instruments. Most domestic instrument enterprises have professional engineers, who can come to reduce self-weight guidance and provide complete after-sales service. While imported instruments are relatively difficult to achieve timely after-sales maintenance, return and replacement of products

recommended index of imported instruments: ★

recommended index of domestic instruments: ★ ★

in general, domestic instruments are not inferior to imported instruments, but slightly better in terms of after-sales and price. Prejudice often arises and comes from ignorance. The technical strength and product quality of domestic instruments have long been different. Given more development space and time, I believe that domestic instruments will eventually be recognized by users

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