Working characteristics of the hottest plastic vib

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Working characteristics of plastic vibration friction welding machine

process characteristics of vibration welding

vibration welding is a friction welding process, during which the welded parts are rubbed together under pressure until the generated friction and shear heat make the head scale surface fully molten. Once the molten film has formed and penetrated into the bonding area deep enough, the relative movement stops, and the weld cools and solidifies under pressure

vibration 7.5.3 compressive strength and flexural strength levels closely combine industrial control computers with configuration software technology and network technology based on the average and minimum values of experimental results; The structural design of one body is adopted. According to table 2, the welding is applicable to almost all thermoplastic parts, medium-sized or large-scale parts with allowable unrestrained motion welds in the reciprocating direction

the material factor of vibration welding is similar to that of ultrasonic welding: amorphous materials are more suitable for vibration welding than semi crystalline polymers

ring vibration welding can connect parts with the size of the welding area and the distance from the welding area to the rotating shaft

linear vibration welding is used on complete sets of parts that allow linear vibration in one direction

when the whole surface of the joint is flat or slightly bent out of the plane, the vibration welding process is the most ideal for the workpiece

vibration welding is especially suitable for thermoplastic materials, including amorphous resins such as abs/pc, PVC, PMMA and PES; Semi crystalline resins such as HDPE, PA, PP, TPO. Panuni's welding machine can connect automotive components, such as intake manifold, instrument panel, tail lamp and bumper; For aviation purposes, for example, we must find the most meaningful use scenario of HVAC pipes, interior lights and storage boxes to achieve vehicle lightweight; Household appliances include dishwasher pumps and spray arms, detergent sprayers and vacuum cleaner housings. (end)

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