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Coal to gas is blocked! Why not develop clean coal technology

on December 22, the waste incineration and large coal-fired unit coupling power generation technology developed by Harbin electric power group turned waste and coal into clean energy. The efficiency of waste incineration power generation under the new mode was 31.6% higher than that of traditional waste power generation

clean energy technology is undoubtedly the most needed and most beneficial technology in China at present. An inevitable result of economic growth and the improvement of national living standards is the doubling of per capita fuel consumption. In China, the consequences of this result are obvious to all. Therefore, pollution prevention and control has become one of the three major battles to be focused on in the economic work in the next three years

there is a way to prevent and control pollution, but there is no shortcut. Specifically, pollution prevention and control, especially the haze that often hangs over Beijing and North China, is by no means as simple as changing coal to gas, nor is it a way of changing coal to gas. Since the beginning of winter this year, there have been countless "gas shortages" in North China, Northeast China and South China. The reality of "gas shortage" not only shows the problems of relevant departments in comprehensive planning, coordination and management implementation, but also highlights the objective reality of "gas shortage" in China as a whole, as well as the severe reality that it is difficult to follow the scale of coal to gas conversion and meet the demand after coal to gas conversion with the existing import, transportation and processing capacity and system

in recent years, China has become the largest importer of petrochemical products in the world. Under the normal trading system, the amount of imports and the ranking of imports are more factors affecting market prices than reasons for panic in national strategies. The problem is that as a large country of coal reserves and production, China's choice of coal and gas is becoming more and more important. With plastic packaging taking an increasing proportion in the packaging industry, it is not a comprehensive option from the perspective of several materials that SABIC currently highlights in Hamburg. Especially when the world's clean coal technology has reached a fairly high level, China can fully introduce, follow up and develop the corresponding clean coal technology, so as to improve China's coal mining and utilization efficiency, reduce the fuel cost per unit of GDP and pollutant emissions, improve economic efficiency and benefits, and improve the quality of life of its citizens

unlike the United States, Russia and other countries, China is only a large country in coal reserves and production, not a large country in both coal reserves and petrochemical resources. If the United States and Russia only compare the costs of cleaning traditional fuels such as coal and the exploitation, treatment and use of petrochemical fuels in their energy strategic choices, China must also consider more the risk costs caused by domestic and foreign transportation, international market price fluctuations and local crises in the import region. These risk costs are actually the economic basis for China to use clean coal technology as an important way to prevent and control pollution

with the existing clean energy technology of developed industrialized countries, especially the coal clean technology of Japan, a former coal importing country, the main technical obstacle to using coal as clean energy no longer exists. Although in industrialized countries, due to the large reserves of petrochemical fuel resources or the convenience of price and import, the research and development of clean coal technology has been reduced or stopped after the large-scale use of petrochemical fuel. However, for China with large coal reserves and lack of petrochemical fuel resources, it is absolutely necessary to further research, develop and apply clean coal technology on the basis of introducing relevant technologies, Develop and promote this technology that can benefit the people immediately

the use cost of clean coal technology must be greater than that of coal without clean technology treatment. However, with the scale of fuel use in China, even the most optimistic estimation, it is impossible to completely replace the use of traditional fuels such as coal with petrochemical fuels in the foreseeable future. In fact, the overall fuel shortage caused by the conversion of coal to gas this winter has already turned a red light on the idea of full substitution. Taking China's current 5VA) coal as no more than that set of four kinds: pendulum impact testing machine JB (3) 00B, impact sample projector CST (5) 0, impact test low-temperature tank DWC (3) 0 (1) 00) series and impact sample notch broaching the base of carbon mining and use, even if on this basis, continue to reduce the use to the minimum limit, clean coal technology and its application cost will be cost-effective and promising

with China's current scientific and technological level, it should be possible to develop clean coal technology to world-class, which will benefit not only China, but also the world

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