Wollastonite coated with the most useful nano powd

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Wollastonite coated with nano powder

wollastonite is an important inorganic fiber mineral, which can be used as a reinforcing filler in the case that the operating cost method of composite materials should be used in the case that the operating cost has a considerable proportion of the total cost and has a wide range of applications. However, due to the limitations of its own defects, such as dark color, high density, high hardness, wear processing machinery and other factors, its function is affected, and its application is more limited. For this reason, in January, 2004, Chinese researchers used new technology to coat the surface with a layer of nanoparticles, which made up for the defects of wollastonite itself. In this way, it not only maximizes the advantages of wollastonite, but also adds the characteristics of vigorously promoting the horizontal joint recombination of coated nano powder, increasing the amount of additives in products in process. The new technology carries out the surface modification of wollastonite, rather than simply attaching the surface modification of reagent

its characteristics are: (1) surface nanoparticles modify and passivate the sharp edges and corners formed during crushing, reducing the possibility of micro damage of plastic products after stress; (2) The smooth surface formed by the fracture along the cleavage surface of the crystal is coated by nanoparticles, which increases the surface roughness of the particles and increases the compatibility with the polymer matrix, so as to increase the filling amount, eliminate the failure of the force measuring piston and reduce the cost. The application of this technology is of great significance to the further promotion and application of some composite materials

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