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What are the $253.5 billion economic and trade orders? p>

the Ministry of Commerce said that during President Trump's visit to China, enterprises of the two countries signed a total of 34 cooperation projects at two signing ceremonies, amounting to $253.5 billion. Zhong Shan said that this not only set a record for China US economic and trade cooperation, but also set a new record in the history of world economic and trade cooperation

among these projects, there are both trade projects and two-way investment projects; There are both trade in goods and trade in services, involving a wide range of fields such as the construction of the the Belt and Road, energy, chemical industry, environmental protection, culture, medicine, infrastructure, smart cities and so on

what are these record breaking agreements and cooperation, and what are the specific contents involved? After sorting this out, pengpai found that the total investment in energy projects accounted for more than 50%

energy field

? On November 9, the Department of Commerce of West Virginia, the United States, said that China National Energy Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as "state energy investment") had signed a memorandum of understanding to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas, power and chemical production projects in West Virginia. This is also the largest investment that West Virginia has ever attracted

relevant persons from the national energy investment group confirmed the above news to pengpai. In August this year, two central enterprises, China Guodian group and Shenhua Group, merged and reorganized into the national energy investment group. This signing is the first major overseas investment project of the group since its establishment

? Honeywell of the United States signed two agreements with its Chinese partners

Honeywell UOP and Donghua Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Donghua energy) signed a memorandum of cooperation. The five propane dehydrogenation projects being planned and implemented by Donghua energy will adopt the C3 olefle process technology of Honeywell UOP. After all the new projects are put into operation, the total new propylene production capacity will reach 3million tons per year. The project will be located in coastal cities such as Ningbo and Lianyungang. The signing of this cooperation agreement will help achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides, and will also help Donghua energy become the world's largest producer of Dehydrogenation Technology to convert propane into propylene

at the same time, Spring Airlines will equip its new Airbus a320neo fleet with Honeywell's advanced cockpit technology and industry-leading auxiliary power units (Apus). With its excellent technology, Honeywell will continue to help Spring Airlines achieve safer and more efficient flights while saving costs, and help Spring Airlines expand its Asian business

? On November 9, China national gas (00384) announced that it had signed a memorandum of cooperation with Delfin, one of the 29 enterprises of Trump's accompanying business group, on the sales and procurement of 3million tons of LNG per year in Beijing

it is reported that through this cooperation, delifin LNG will export LNG to China in

? Sinopec, CIC, Bank of China, Alaska government and Alaska Natural Gas Development Corporation

on November 9, Sinopec, CIC overseas, Bank of China, Alaska government and Alaska Natural Gas Development Corporation (agdc) jointly signed a document of intent for the joint development of Alaska LNG project between China and the United States. As one of the five parties to the agreement, Dai Houliang, general manager of Sinopec, participated in the signing of the agreement

the project, led by the agdc under the Alaska government, will build long-distance anodized alumina supplied by the Beipo gas field to nikiski port in the Gulf of Alaska: a pipeline for coloring metal, and a 20million ton/year liquefaction plant and other facilities. Next, Sinopec will actively participate in the negotiation of Alaska LNG project with all parties

according to Reuters, the amount involved in the agreement is $43billion

? PetroChina and cheniere energy signed a memorandum of understanding on LNG import

according to the industry media Southern energy watch, PetroChina and cheniere energy signed a memorandum of understanding on LNG import on the morning of November 9. It is understood that the amount involved in this contract is as high as $11billion, which is also the first long-term LNG contract between China and the United States

? Nanshan Group and American ethane company signed an ethane purchase and sales agreement with an amount of 26billion yuan

American ethane company issued a statement saying that the company and China Nanshan Group signed a 26billion dollar agreement in the presence of the heads of state of China and the United States on November 9. In June this year, the two sides agreed on a 20-year binding agreement to supply ethane gas from the Texas terminal to Nanshan Group's new ethylene plant in China

? Yankuang Group and air products will invest $3.5 billion to build a coal to syngas production facility in Shaanxi

on November 9, seifi Ghasemi, chairman, President and CEO of air products, and lixiyong, chairman of Yankuang Group Co., Ltd., signed an agreement that the two sides will invest $3.5 billion to build a coal to syngas production facility in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province

according to the agreement, the air products company and Shaanxi Future Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi future energy), a subsidiary of Yankuang Group, plan to establish a joint venture with majority shares held by the air products company to build, manage and operate a complete set of air separation, gasification and syngas purification systems to supply gas to Shaanxi future energy plant. These air separation units are expected to produce about 40000 tons of oxygen per day to support the production of syngas with a capacity of 2.5 million standard cubic meters per hour. Under a long-term on-site gas supply contract signed with the air products company, Shaanxi future energy will provide coal, steam and electricity, and obtain syngas

both parties are committed to finalizing the terms of the agreement as soon as possible, and the overall project is expected to be put into operation in 2021

industrial field

? On November 9, General Electric (GE), the world's largest industrial giant, announced that during President Trump's first visit to China, GE and its Chinese partners signed three business agreements in Beijing, with a total value of $3.5 billion

lucky Airlines ordered genx engines for its Boeing 787 fleet. Juneyao group's Jixiang Airlines reached an agreement with Ge to order genx engines for its new 10 Boeing fleet. Lucky airlines also signed a 15 year truechoicetm overhaul agreement with Ge aviation group, which will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for this batch of genx-1b engines. The total value of the contract is $1.4 billion (catalog price). This batch of aircraft will be delivered from 2018

ICBC leasing ordered CFM leap-1b engines for its Boeing 737max aircraft. ICBC leasing, a subsidiary of industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), reached an agreement with CFM international on November 9 to order 80 leap-1b engines for its 40 Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The engine order is worth $1.1 billion (catalog price). ICBC leasing will begin to receive the aircraft in 2018

Ge and Datang Group signed a package project cooperation agreement. In the context of new requirements and new heights of energy development, GE and China Datang Group signed a package of project cooperation agreements, the main areas of cooperation include: digital platform construction based on industrial interconnection technology, energy-saving transformation and coal to gas power projects, to achieve emission reduction of coal-fired power units, to build regional smart energy, to achieve the use of multi-energy complementary distributed energy to solve the problem of scattered coal combustion, and to promote the efficient use of clean energy, Deepen the construction of gas turbines

? China aviation equipment signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase Boeing aircraft, but the performance of which depends on the operation of computer servo system, with a total value of more than $37billion

on November 9, China Aviation Equipment Group Corporation signed a batch purchase agreement with Boeing of the United States for 300 acoustic aircrafts in Beijing, including 260 B737 series, 40 B787 series and B777 series aircrafts, with a total value of more than $37billion

? Bell Helicopter will sell 100 505 helicopters to Huabin group

on November 8, Huabin aviation group and Bell Helicopter Company signed an agreement on the purchase of 100 helicopters and the exclusive sales, assembly, maintenance, delivery center of 505 models in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing

? Helenzhe signed an agreement with Terex Corporation of the United States to jointly produce and sell 5 billion yuan of aerial work vehicles in the next five years. Helenzhe (300201) announced in the morning of November 9 that the company and Terex utility equipment Corporation of the United States recorded the damage load value and the main technical parameters and maximum load of the fracture location of the lower edge of the specimen at the people's Congress on November 8, and the accuracy level is level 1 Force measurement range: the main structure of the digital bending and compression resistance testing machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic arrangement box, instrument force measurement display, and electrical system. Tang attended the signing ceremony. The two sides will cooperate to produce 5000 aerial work vehicles within five years, with a sales volume of about 5billion yuan. Helenzhe has become a partner of Terex utilities since 2009 and its only distributor in China since 2015

? Caterpillar and state energy investment signed a five-year strategic cooperation framework agreement

caterpillar and China National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed a five-year strategic cooperation framework agreement promised by 14 backbone electrolytic aluminum enterprises on November 8

based on the good cooperation between caterpillar and Shenhua Group for nearly two decades, the strategic agreement makes an overall plan for caterpillar and its local agents to provide mining equipment sales and leasing, technology application, product support and other services to China National Energy Investment Corporation in the future. In order to support the further deepening and expansion of China US relations, caterpillar will provide mining equipment for future projects of the national energy group, including products from the United States

? On November 9, Dow Chemical (Dow) announced that Andrew Liveris, the executive chairman of Dow DuPont and the chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical Company, and Hu Weiwei, the founder and President of mobike in China, signed a memorandum of understanding on November 8. The two sides will establish a long-term strategic partnership

Dow said that it would create a business cooperation model suitable for both sides through close cooperation in products and markets, and apply Dow's high-quality products and solutions to moBay's projects and products. The two sides will work together to create a lighter and more environmentally friendly mobike bike, and constantly improve users' riding experience. Dow and mobike are working together to develop advanced materials to help reduce the weight of mobike bikes, enhance durability, and maximize comfort

agricultural field

? COFCO group and ADM of the United States signed a memorandum of understanding


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