Why is China's lamp market still cold at the time

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Why is China's lamp market still cold at the time of golden nine and silver ten

with the arrival of 2014 golden nine and silver ten, the author visited major lighting stores in Xuzhou. During this period, we didn't see that the golden nine and silver ten brought significant changes to the market. The fog in the off-season still seemed to cover the whole lighting store, and customers didn't increase because of the arrival of the traditional golden nine and silver ten

purchase restriction and no purchase restriction have little impact

although the purchase restriction order in many cities has long ceased to exist, the cancellation of the purchase restriction order by the government has not seen a housing boom, but rather appears very calm, "ghost town" is still a ghost town. The reason is that supply exceeds demand and the market is saturated. The author visited Xuzhou lamp market, and merchants said that the effect of Xuzhou government's urban expansion policy is not obvious now. The progress of many front-line real estate projects in the east of the city has almost stagnated, and many of the built buildings have not been sold out, which is not much different from the "ghost City". The fact that house prices tend to stabilize or decline makes even rich investors not optimistic about real estate. The whole industrial chain tends to consume rationally, and the so-called "golden nine silver ten" phenomenon will not appear in the downstream building materials and lighting industry. Therefore, the government's purchase restriction or no purchase restriction has little impact on lamp dealers

the rent is difficult to collect and the evacuation is frequent

because of the bad business, many new lamp markets try their best to attract investment. The original investment attraction has lost its essence of investment attraction, but uses other circuitous and even some means contrary to the normal operation of the market to seek business, resulting in the market entering a vicious circle vortex. For this, the market side is helpless, and the merchants also think it is reasonable. According to the author, in many new markets, in order to seek business, the rent has reached a record low, and even the market side does not charge rent, and even gives money to merchants. The purpose is to create an illusion of market prosperity, so that merchants can invest a huge amount in decoration, products and other aspects, and prevent merchants from staying in the market and continuing to operate. Whether it can be operated for a long time and whether the rent can be collected normally after various preferential policies. The market is very confident about this problem, but merchants are not optimistic. Merchants said that the market environment is bad, business is bad, merchants did not make money, the market side must not be able to collect rent, and finally merchants can only choose to evacuate

there are many empty shops, which makes it difficult to hide embarrassment

the market environment is bad, and the market side is the most sad. A large amount of investment in the early stage cannot recover the cost. In the face of the market, various preferential activities for consumers are also difficult to attract consumers. In the face of the rent can not be collected, the market side dare not drive merchants out of the market as bullishly as before. However, many merchants are really unable to support the choice to exit. The author visited the major building materials and lighting stores in Xuzhou. Many stores were sealed by cloth strips, which read "site adjustment, decoration in progress, please look forward to" and other slogans. The actual situation is that the merchants withdrew, and the market created an illusion in order to hide embarrassment. The market side also seems very helpless. The manager of a shopping mall in Xuzhou said that the environment is affected by factors such as the sluggish downstream demand of Dahuan at the same time. As an investment attraction personnel, it is also difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without straw

maintain the status quo and look forward to the coming year

facing such an environment, merchants said they could only choose to maintain the status quo and reduce expenses. Most merchants in Xuzhou still choose the main components, performance characteristics and application of water-based waterproof materials, which are the business operators. Some merchants who go out said that the effect of going out is not particularly good, but the relative cost has increased. Therefore, it is their only wish to expect new changes in the market next year for sweatpipe system materials such as artificial heart valves, blood vessels, intravascular catheters, etc

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