Which is the hottest ABB handling robot in Zhejian

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Which is the best ABB handling robot in Zhejiang?

which is the best ABB handling robot in Zhejiang?

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which is the best ABB handling robot in Zhejiang?

is to enable the handling robot to directly remove the box from the shelf, then place it on the pallet, go to the next place, put the box on it, and so on, to complete this similar work. Adding a manipulator to the handling robot will involve many technologies, such as vision technology, so that it can recognize specific goods, and its action should be flexible, etc., which will be the technical development direction in the next three years. In the manufacturing and processing industry, the advantages of robot intelligent solutions can replace tasks that human beings can't do well or can't complete. AGV will replace human beings to complete material handling tasks with its efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in manufacturing applications. Geek+ intelligent handling robots have entered the automotive industry on a large scale. Based on the AGV technology that jizhijia is good at, research on carrying industrial robots on AGV unmanned handling vehicles and realize automation. General industrial robots are fixed on the production line, and mobile handling robots are used? It must be a warehouse with a large amount of work, which needs a lot of handling every day

: from a long-term perspective, what do you think the final product form of the handling robot will be? Imagine the scenario application in ten years, what do you think the handling robot can do at that time? Historically, robots in the real sense appear in "Improve the customer experience. In 1959, after many years of development, more than 900000 industrial robots have been equipped all over the world. In China, intelligent robots are the most complex machines, and they are also the machine friends that human beings most desire to make as soon as possible. But it is not easy to make an intelligent robot. Scientists have to work for decades or even centuries just to let machines simulate human walking actions. Recently, There are 20 think tanks with an area of 20000 square meters for enterprise production, and there are many warehouses with an area of more than 2000 square meters in Shenzhen. In particular, the composite materials manual (Mil-HDBK), which is known as the Bible of composite materials, stipulates that the building block experimental method to characterize material properties is cross

frequency: I think the future handling robot will not be shaped into a certain form, its forms will be various, and then penetrate into all links of the intelligent warehouse. A few days ago, I saw a video that Boston powered humanoid robots can jump three times in a row. If we follow the current speed of robot development, in the future, the handling robots may gradually be humanized, just like people dealing with all kinds of things. The manipulator can clamp the material box and place it on the pallet through the transmission of the three-dimensional warehouse, and then go to the edge of the experimental assembly line for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping to push the material box up, and the material box will follow the assembly line to the production workshop. The fifth product is a handling robot based on laser radar navigation. The original handling robots were based on QR code + inertial navigation. Now with laser navigation, it can walk independently without sticking landmarks on the ground. Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP), which are just prepared by combining the advantages of engineering plastics, such as corrosion resistance, low specific gravity, impact resistance, easy molding, and can be used twice, are all hardware products. The biggest thing is that the larger our business volume is, the more its overall scale benefits can be reflected.: From the angle of technology

for example, robots can walk to the relevant cabinets by themselves, open the cabinet door with a key, remove 100 kilograms of things from the inside, and then move them to the destination for placement. Its function will be more powerful and can do more things. In the process of cargo handling, it can simulate the best shortcut, and then quickly complete the handling work. I think the handling robot in ten years will have this level of technology. Which one is better in Zhejiang ABB handling robot?

: the last question, from the perspective of the market, what are the current customers' views on handling robots? At this stage, what is the difficulty of the development of handling robots? The third product adds its own weighing function on the basis of the handling robot, that is, when the user puts goods on the handling robot, it will weigh out the weight and record the data in the system at the same time, eliminating the process of manual recording, weighing, uploading and recording into the system. The fourth product adds a telescopic arm on the basis of the handling robot, which can do the turnover work of the material box. That is, some enterprises will put the material box in the three-dimensional warehouse, and this kind of handling machine equipment will be connected with each other. Therefore, the unmanned management of intelligent warehouse is the final development

easy frequency: in recent years, customers' cognition of handling robots has changed significantly. When we went to promote handling robots in 2016, many enterprises felt very strange, did not know what this thing could do, and also put a question mark on its actual role. Which one is better in Zhejiang ABB handling robot?

the situation is different now. E-commerce business leaders have begun to adopt handling robots, such as tmall, jd.com, Suning, etc. they are all pilot projects, and have been tested for more than a year. Through media reports, many enterprises in the e-commerce field now know about handling robot products. Just using it or not is another matter. Heavy industries, Suzhou Xianfeng, Zhejiang Jiali, Hefei mobile, Yufeng, etc. have launched AGV carriers or automated guided vehicles, but China's industrial vehicle manufacturing enterprises need their own intelligent logistics systems with independent intellectual property rights. 2、 The main application scenario of e-commerce warehousing robots is warehouses, which is one of the core parts of e-commerce. Major domestic e-commerce companies have also joined this field, including: as early as 2015, Alibaba deployed a system in tmall supermarket Tianjin warehouse, and I believe the development of intelligent warehouses will be similar. At present, we can only realize the handling link

the emergence of many new things will go through a process, from never knowing to understanding, from understanding to watching, and from watching to actual use. Now most e-commerce enterprises are in the wait-and-see stage, and it takes a period of time from wait-and-see to actual purchase

what we need to do is to constantly promote our products, so that customers can shorten the time process from wait-and-see to actual purchase. Which is a good ABB handling robot in Zhejiang

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