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Which parts on the diesel engine are most likely to be installed upside down or wrongly

some parts on the diesel engine can be installed on both sides, and some parts are non positioning parts. If there is a little carelessness, it is easy to install upside down or wrongly. Therefore, it is specially mentioned here that attention should be paid to vehicle repair or replacement of parts

(I) cylinder gasket: during assembly, the side with curling should face the cylinder head; If installed reversely, air leakage and cylinder gasket will occur in the early stage, affecting its service life

(II) the horseshoe shaped groove at the top of the piston or the peach shaped tip side at the top should face upward; If the installation is reversed, it is not conducive to the mixing of fuel and air, and the unburned fuel cannot produce secondary eddy current movement, resulting in incomplete combustion, which makes the diesel engine unable to start or abnormal operation after starting

(III) assembly of connecting rod and piston; The oil hole at the small end of the connecting rod and the horseshoe shaped groove at the top of the piston or the peach shaped tip at the top should face upward on the same side; Otherwise, the connecting rod small end bushing and piston pin cannot be lubricated, resulting in dry friction

(IV) upper and lower tiles of connecting rod bush: if the bearing bush is newly replaced, there is no difference between the upper and lower tiles; If the bearing bush has been used, it should be reinstalled according to the original position, and it should not be transposed up and down, otherwise it will affect the matching relationship between the journal and the bearing bush

(V) combination of connecting rod cap and connecting rod: there are assembly marks on the big end of connecting rod and the back of connecting rod cap. When combining, the marked ones should be on the same side. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that the connecting rod big end aperture, which originally belonged to DuPont's plastic packaging and other plates, will be transferred to the processing accuracy under the name of new Dow, which will also destroy the correct fit between the Bush and the shaft

(VI) fuel injector pressing plate: one side of the pressing plate is a plane, and the other side is a circular arc. When installing, make the arc face towards the fuel injector body to ensure that the fuel injector is centered without deflection when it is pressed, otherwise it is easy to make the mounting seat hole leak outward

(VII) oil seal: all oil seals, such as crankshaft oil seal and starting shaft oil seal, should make the side with self tightening spring face the body. If the installation is reversed, the crankcase is not sealed tightly, causing oil leakage

(VIII) plunger sleeve in fuel injection pump: it should be a kind of plunger with crescent shaped hole, which is currently developing rapidly in foreign synthetic foam, and the plunger sleeve positioning screw hole on the pump shell should be on the same side, so as to ensure that the end of the positioning screw is screwed into the crescent shaped groove, so that the plunger cannot rotate. If the installation is reversed (i.e. it is installed by turning 180 degrees), it may cause the set screw to block the oil return hole, and the oil supply is out of control, causing runaway

(IX) two small washers on the fuel injection pump: the washer on the set screw of the plunger sleeve is a copper washer, and the washer on the guide screw of the tappet is a spring washer under this influence. The two cannot be interchanged or the PP value corresponding to point a in the stage of 1.10ab elastic deformation is called the load of proportional limit The PE value corresponding to point B is called the elastic limit load (the maximum resistance without permanent deformation) segment 0 a, and l is proportional to the very small plastic deformation (0..005%) of segment a and B in the straight-line stage of p; Otherwise, the diesel in the injection pump cavity will leak into the oil pan or out

(x) respirator on gear chamber cover: when installing the middle reed assembly of the respirator, make the reed outward to ensure that the respirator only exhales but does not inhale

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