Whose dish is the hottest renovation of old houses

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Whose dish is the renovation of old houses

whose dish is the renovation of old houses

October 19, 2015

[China paint information] the third quarter ended, and the "golden nine and silver ten" disappeared. The decline in performance this year is a foregone conclusion. However, how bad the world is, people hold money. Just look at the old house renovation project of Nippon. This year, Nippon's income from this project is not too much described by the word "blowout". A Nippon service provider in Shanghai had a turnover of more than 50 million for the renovation of old houses in the first nine months; Another service provider, shisui Zhiwei, said that the turnover of renovating old houses this year may exceed 20 million; According to rough estimates, the turnover of Nippon's old house renovation is approaching 1billion yuan

in the face of this situation, not to mention the small and medium-sized coating enterprises that wake up like a dream, that is, big brands such as Dulux, China Resources, garberry and bards can only watch Nippon disappear in this market. However, we can't help asking, is Nippon able to eat this dish only because of its wealth

the answer starts from 2002. In that year, Guo Wei left China Resources and entered Nippon. He not only brought the wood paint team, but also created the "1687" project for Nippon. Most importantly, he grafted the concept and tricks of the construction of China Resources technical service system into the system of Nippon, and changed the corporate gene of Nippon from then on. In 2007, Guo Wei left nippon, but Nippon did not abandon the government because of people, but strengthened its efforts in the construction of the service system, requiring dealers to transform into service providers. The commercialization process of all vanadium flow batteries will face severe cost challenges. Therefore, when Guo Wei returned to Nippon in 2011, the service system of Nippon in the distribution channel has taken shape, and can aggressively enter the old house renovation market

as a leading big brand, it can use the stupid effort of "casting a sword in ten years" to build a service system. What is this "festival with appropriate additives"? The first is to grasp the market demand. Consumers need products, services and overall solutions. Nippon starts from selling products and services to establishing an intensive service platform. The second is the business philosophy of never flattering. Do you need technical service personnel? Learn from the practice of running schools by China Resources and cultivate yourself. China Resources had run a school before 2002, and Nippon has run 14 schools so far. Although there are various courses, the initial "Se (Sales Engineer)" course is still a basic course

throughout China's coating industry, except for China Resources and Nippon, all other enterprises have not paid such hard work in the construction of service system. Today, people begin to harvest, and you haven't cultivated yet. Who's to blame? A few days ago, I talked about the renovation of old houses with the boss of a medium-sized painting enterprise. He told me that among his hundreds of dealers, there are few people who can enter the user's home to check the wall condition

brand hype is ingenious, and it may get twice the result with half the effort; Building a service system is a stupid effort. It is possible to gain a solid core competitiveness at the cost of twice the effort and half the effort. Hype innovation is difficult to sustain even if new growth points are found, and service is the innovation that lays the foundation for the sustainable operation of enterprises. In those years, when China Resources ran schools, nearly half of the graduates were poached by their peers, but none of them successfully built a service system, while China Resources' service system was getting better and better. The more common common sense is, the easier it is to be forgotten. Alas, national character

some people may ask, is it too late to start building a service system in a down-to-earth manner? The experimental machine is equipped with a special measuring device for the elongation of the sample - the extensometer. The double collets of the extensometer clamp the two points of the sample gauge distance, and measure the separation distance between the two points of the sample gauge distance in real time, that is, the deformation of the sample is not too late! Rely on service to grab orders, that year; With the rudiment of service system, three years; Large scale harvest, five years. It will take more than ten years to build a nation. You can get close to that level in five years, and you won't lose money in promoting the development and opening up along the border

change your mind first. In the field of home decoration paint, if you don't practice the basic skill of "service system", even if the road of Internet marketing is through, it's still a set of tricks, and the dish of old house renovation can only be seen, smelled and tasted, but you can't eat

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