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Why are domestic products far inferior to apple and Samsung in terms of profits

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according to the Convention, Apple will be upgraded every September, and the previous two months are also the golden period for domestic production to gather and bring forth the new. For example, recently, there have been frequent news from China, such as Meizu 16 threatening to replace bangs, and oppo flagship will carry 10g of operating memory, indicating that a new wave of domestic "innovation tide" is coming

no problem. The domestic hardware configuration does have a solid foundation. Even if the price is less than 1000 yuan, its running memory is also 3G. In contrast, Apple's iPhone 8 series has only 2GB of running memory. In terms of functions, domestic products are no inferior to apple in terms of camera pixels and number, processor core number, screen resolution, etc

however, in fact, the rising domestic market still cannot shake Apple's hegemony

in terms of sales volume, domestic devices that are easy to block and leak surpass apple. According to the latest market research report released by canalys, a market research organization, in the second quarter of this year, the top five domestic sales are Huawei (27%), oppo (21%), vivo (20%), Xiaomi (14%), apple (8%). Under the surface of bright data, domestic devices are questioned as being strong outside but weak in the middle

this groundless idea is not groundless. Although apple is not outstanding in sales in the domestic market, domestically produced products cannot match it in terms of profits

in the report released by counterpoint research, it is pointed out that in terms of profit, apple ranks first with a single unit profit of $151, Samsung ranks second with a single unit profit of $31, and domestic manufacturer Zhonghua ranks third with a single unit profit of $15, but Xiaomi's profit is surprisingly small, only $2

this wonderful phenomenon makes many people puzzled, but through brand awareness, you will find that the real factor determining profits is actually affected by the level of technological innovation

Apple has always been a model in the industry, especially at the stage when jobs led apple, its innovation level is globally recognized, such as the introduction of high-definition retina screen, and then to the all metal frame, the storm caused by Apple swept the world, and the smooth experience of IOS system is one of the most persuasive evidences

from the perspective of domestic products, they basically followed Apple's lead strategy. It was not until the last two years that domestic products made progress in technology, such as introducing innovative elements such as dual cameras or full screen, but began to be "imitated" by apple with an accuracy of ± 1mm. However, the analysis believes that these innovations are superficial, At present, domestic innovations that can produce core influence in the world, such as 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 300 rpm, still have great deficiencies, so it is reasonable that Apple's market share cannot be divided

throughout apple, it has not only its independently developed IOS system, but also a series processors, while Samsung has the largest hardware supply chain, such as memory chips, Orion processors, CMOS and so on. Looking at domestic products, after the improvement of comprehensive screen and dual cameras, there has been no creative change again, which is no wonder that they can't be compared with apple and Samsung

however, as for the current difficult situation of domestic innovation, there are many factors that are difficult to change. For example, at present, only Huawei has its own Kirin processor, and other brands of processors are either Qualcomm or MediaTek

in addition, although Samsung and apple are competitors, apple can still buy Samsung's OLED screen. In contrast, most domestic hardware such as screens, memory chips and cameras come from the supply chain and cannot be controlled independently, which greatly weakens the domestic innovation ability

as a result, due to the lack of brain holes in leading technology, domestic products generally follow the routine of marketing in terms of sales volume, and the so-called low-end innovation is only luxuriantly packaged, without touching the essence of things. We believe that if China does not make substantial improvements in core innovation, the dream of defeating apple and Samsung in terms of profits will be far away

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