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Why is there no environmental protection logo on the outer package of environmental protection paint?

Mr. Chen recently decorated his house. When buying decoration paint, he encountered a little doubt

Mr. Chen, who lives in Haikou world trade community, told that he believed that environmental friendly coatings did relatively little harm to human body, so he paid special attention to this item when purchasing coatings. "A few days ago, when I visited the first paint shop, I found that there was no sign of environmental protection on the outer package of the paint, which I thought was fake or defective. But in the second paint shop, because this wood-based panel testing machine is also applicable to the detection of other materials, I still didn't find the corresponding sign on the outer package." Mr. Chen said that he was confused himself

If it doesn't meet the requirements, it should be corrected again.

Mr. Chen told the shopkeeper his doubts. The shopkeeper took out a simple and solid proof of environmental operation and said that the paint in the store was qualified, and there were product environmental protection certificates, but there was basically no environmental protection mark on the outer package of the paint. Yesterday, I visited some decoration material stores in Haikou and found that there was no environmental protection logo on the outer package of the paint

the relevant person in charge of a decoration company in Haikou told that even if a safe coating was selected, it was not absolutely safe. Pay attention to ventilation during construction to shorten the continuous operation time as much as possible. Therefore, generally, you should check in 7 days after construction, and pay attention to indoor ventilation at the beginning of check-in, which is particularly important for people with allergies

source of information: Hainan Special Zone News

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