XCMG 0 is the first choice for the hottest small b

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XCMG is the first choice for small clothes with "small body and great energy" and strong power

"small body and great energy", XCMG is the first choice for strong power small clothes

information on the positive momentum of China's construction machinery plastic film market

recently, XCMG Chongqing company sent another good news, and dozens of XCMG lw160kv small loaders were sent to the Northeast in batches. This order is the first cooperation reached with XCMG Chongqing company after a number of market research by a hot company to improve its service capacity and level. 9. Record the required value and lift the pen

XCMG is oriented by customer demand, aiming at small loaders, a market with large capacity and broad development space. Relying on the international technology research and development platform, XCMG Chongqing company practices the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", and is at the leading level in the industry in terms of small package product design, product appearance modeling, product quality standards, etc., with strong market competitiveness. Since March, 2018, XCMG Chongqing has implemented the strategy of "product repositioning" and deeply cultivated the small loader market. The excellent performance and brand advantages of products have continuously won the reputation of customers, and orders have come one after another

A few months ago, XCMG Chongqing company learned the demand information of a thermal power company in Northeast China for small grass grabbing machines, and quickly responded. It sent technical backbones to the front line to investigate the operation needs of customers. According to the after-sales service, spare parts supply and other issues that customers focus on, it put forward highly targeted complete solutions, which left a deep impression on customers

during the negotiation, the customers had a comprehensive understanding of the production process and product performance of XCMG's small clothes. XCMG always adhered to the "one track" spirit to do a good job in the manufacturing industry, won the customers' high trust in XCMG's brand, and finally led XCMG Chongqing company to win the order at one stroke

deeply cultivate the quality of small equipment to win the market

"the representative of the thermal power company, Mr. LV, spoke highly of XCMG small loaders: most of the small loaders are agricultural equipment, which is unable to meet the high-intensity working conditions of heating in Northeast China in winter. XCMG has provided us with a complete set of solutions for the full life cycle of engineering small equipment, providing a strong guarantee for the company's winter production."

through the optimization design of the whole machine, this batch of customized small equipment adopts XCMG industry-leading technology to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, the service life and heavy load performance are synchronously enhanced, and the work efficiency is significantly improved. XCMG has won the favor of the market with products of high-end quality, efficient performance and high operating comfort

with the increasing quality requirements of users, the traditional agricultural version of small packaging can no longer meet the market sample size 10 (7.5,5) × ten × 55 demand. The engineering version of small equipment has significant advantages in technical performance, work efficiency, operation comfort, safety, service life and so on. XCMG Chongqing company closely follows the market demand, develops high-end products that lead the development of the industry, builds the first brand of small clothes in China, and provides global customers with "technologically leading, indestructible" products and complete sets of solutions

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