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Which is better to compare tclq2 and tclq2m in detail? What's the difference?

in fact, there are some differences between TCL q2m and Q2 in the two series of TVs. The configuration and style are different. On the whole, TCL q2m is stronger than Q2. However, the qualified rate of household products can reach more than 99.9%. It depends on individuals. I use q2m myself. The style is my favorite. It's more fashionable. It looks quite atmospheric on the whole, and the texture is quite good. Then the picture is very clear, and I don't use it at all, Up to now, I am satisfied

tclq2m jd.com's latest quotation comments:

II. TCL 65q2m 65 inch 4K TV configuration parameters:

III. TCL 65q2m 65 inch 4K TV user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. Great TV. The activity offers great discounts. It looks really thin from the side, and I'm afraid that little children will fall down with a push. For example, the three sided frameless design on the car bottom guard looks comfortable, and the sound effect certified by Harman Caton is great, which may be connected to the music played by Bluetooth. At present, no defects are found, so we can only get the load deformation curve of peak stress after a period of time

2. The image quality is excellent, and the color looks super comfortable! With good speakers, it's even better to watch hip-hop dance! The installer's service is excellent. As a result, my mother finally bought the plug-in, but it was surprisingly easy to use. My mother said it could help save a lot of electricity at home

3. A good shopping trip, cm; Compared with various brands and models, Q2 still meets the configuration expectations. It would be better if the price could be reduced a little. Generally speaking, it is a good product. Looking forward to the later performance. Refer to the latest quotation comments of tmall TCL

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