Why do you commit suicide by putting vegetables in

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Why is putting vegetables in plastic bags in the refrigerator = chronic suicide

question 1. Do plastic bags contain various harmful ingredients

plastic bags contain benzopyrene, plasticizer, phthalate and other harmful components, which will be transferred to the food in plastic bags, causing serious harm to human health. In fact, as long as the plastic bags used meet the requirements of relevant national standards, and the food packaging materials are used under normal temperature or cold storage temperature tax preferential policies, their safety is guaranteed

question 2. Benzopyrene is used as a colorant for color plastic bags, Contact with food Gary Cheng, an associate professor of the school of industrial engineering at Purdue University, said in a statement: "This kind of material is even lighter than feathers and will transfer?

colored plastic bags do contain benzopyrene, but the temperature in the refrigerator is low, and the basic temperature is constant. Even if there is benzopyrene, it still exists in the plastic bag and will not migrate outward. In addition, now, transparent white plastic bags are generally used to hold food, and colored plastic bags are rare. Storing food in plastic bags can take only oneortwo days in the refrigerator, and it will not move out in a short time Non volatile and toxic substances. Therefore, this statement is not credible

in daily life, the most likely to cause benzopyrene migration in plastic bags are high-temperature fried, barbecue, smoked and other types of food. Therefore, you should try to eat less fried and barbecue food at ordinary times, stay away from oil fumes, or don't use plastic bags to pack such food, so that you can better avoid the intake of benzopyrene

question 3: plasticizer from the surface of plastic bags, building materials plastic will be more and more favored by consumers in the future. Will it cause serious harm to human health if the human body ingests it by contacting the food materials in the bags

plasticizers are common plastic additives, which can increase the flexibility and elasticity of plastics. The acute toxicity of plasticizers is very low, and there is almost no performance in a short time after human intake. Research shows that plastic products containing plasticizers will migrate when they encounter grease or high temperature environment above 100 ℃, but this migration is also relatively slow

generally speaking, if you use plastic bags to pack fried dough sticks, potstickers, Malatang, Kanto cooking and other foods with higher temperatures, the plasticizer will migrate, and the higher the temperature, the greater the migration amount. Therefore, plastic products should avoid contact with high-temperature grease objects and less heating

but don't be too afraid of this kind of migration. The migration of plasticizers is actually very small, many times less than the national standards. As long as it does not exceed the national standards, it will not cause damage to human body. Moreover, the human body has metabolic function for plasticizers. As long as it is not a long-term and large amount of intake, there is no need to worry

question 4. What is the difference between fresh-keeping bags and plastic bags

fresh keeping bags are generally made of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC). Among them, PE and PVDC fresh-keeping bags are relatively safe. PE is mainly used for the packaging of fruits and vegetables, and PVDC is mainly used for the packaging of some cooked food and ham

Although PVC fresh-keeping bags are widely used in the outer packaging of food and vegetables, they have certain potential harm to human body. Generally, they are only used in the packaging of fruits and vegetables (such as oranges, oranges, Hami melons, etc.) whose skins will be removed

generally, plastic bags in supermarkets are almost airtight or have poor air permeability. If they are used to store vegetables, fruits and other foods with high moisture content, the effect is relatively poor. Especially when the plastic bag is tied tightly, vegetables and fruits will decompose more nutrients in order to obtain enough energy for life activities due to lack of oxygen. At the same time, the alcohol produced by hypoxia breathing will remain in the fruits and vegetables, which will cause the fruits and vegetables to rot and deteriorate, so the storage time of fruits and vegetables in plastic bags should not be too long

regular and qualified fresh-keeping bags have strong permeability, oxygen can circulate, and can effectively prevent the propagation of anaerobic bacteria, so fresh-keeping bags are a good choice for fresh-keeping of food materials

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