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Why not choose manual image measuring instrument

manual image measuring instrument is a kind of measuring equipment that is gradually eliminated. Due to manual operation, uncontrollable error and other reasons, as well as the development of the instrument industry, manual instrument is not the representative of the advanced productivity of the whole manufacturing industry

this paper introduces the disadvantages and general situation of manual image measuring instrument, and hopes that enterprises can make an objective evaluation according to their own measurement needs and make decisions that are really beneficial to enterprises when choosing detection equipment

the manual image measuring instrument has the following three points, which makes it gradually unable to meet the detection requirements of modern manufacturing industry:

the measurement results of the manual image measuring instrument are random and have poor accuracy

it does not mean that there is a problem with the accuracy of the manual image measuring instrument, which should be specific to specific products. In addition to the accuracy limitation of the manual image measuring instrument itself, the error caused by human operation is an important source of its accuracy error

when measuring, the manual image measuring instrument requires a lot of manual participation: manual mobile working platform, no computer-aided extraction of primitives based solely on human eye judgment, manual focusing, etc. Due to the low intelligence of the manual image measuring instrument, especially in terms of software functions, it cannot realize intelligent image scanning and calculation, but relies on manual judgment and manual extraction: each person extracts manually according to their own human eye judgment, which causes the measurement results to vary from person to person, resulting in large errors; Even the same person often has a wide range of measurement errors when measuring six hundred billion yuan emerging industries in Yunnan, such as petrochemicals and new materials

automatic image measuring instrument 1. The mechanical spring tension and compression experimental machine makes a rigorous calculation of large amount of data for primitive edge extraction, image scanning, data analysis, etc. through a relatively powerful computer algorithm, which can provide users with more automated and standardized operation steps and methods, avoid the human operation error of the manual image measuring instrument, and ensure a higher and more consistent measurement accuracy of the automatic image measuring instrument

the manual image measuring instrument is inefficient and the hidden cost is huge

aside from the artificial accuracy error loss caused by the manual image measuring instrument, the following uses specific data to analyze the cost loss caused by the measurement efficiency to the enterprise

on the surface, the manual image measuring instrument is cheap and low cost, "The price of high-quality automatic image measuring instrument is high, which has become a reason for enterprises to choose manual. But when they know the comprehensive input cost of manual instrument and automatic instrument, perhaps enterprises can calculate this account according to their own situation.

on average, the measurement efficiency of automatic image measuring instrument is times that of manual instrument, and the measurement efficiency is higher in PCB, LCD and other industries. For the measurement of the same workpiece, if automatic measurement needs 1 Unit time, manual measurement requires unit time, and the manual imager will consume times more unit time. If an inspector needs 1 minute to detect one workpiece every day on average, taking 260 working days a year, it will consume an additional 12740 minutes a year, that is, 212 hours and 26.5 days, which is equivalent to more than one month's working day (in practice, enterprises may detect more than one workpiece a day). In more than a month, for the rapidly changing market environment, enterprises may have missed the excellent competitive opportunity

poor after-sales service of manual image measuring instrument

poor after-sales service of manual image measuring instrument, which is the current industry situation of the manual instrument market. As it is a low-end product, manufacturers and dealers mainly rely on volume to survive, and have no energy to do after-sales service. Basically, they repair the machine when it is broken. Once the manual image measuring instrument fails, it is relatively difficult to repair, and the accuracy is not guaranteed in the process of use

automatic image measuring instrument pays attention to brand building and has perfect after-sales service. Tianzhun company will reply and propose solutions to customers' repair problems within 1 working day. If it needs to be solved on site, it is usually talked about the arrival of biomedical materials on site within 3 working days. During the one-year warranty period, the maintenance is free once a quarter. Prevent the customer's problems before they happen, and truly ensure that the accuracy of the machine used by the customer is within the factory accuracy range, so as to ensure the safety of the customer's shipment. Under such a maintenance strategy, the wear and maintenance probability of hardware will be greatly reduced, which also saves costs for customers

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