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Wuhan development 1 The pressure of the pressure stabilizing valve spring is insufficient; Successful new carton moisture-proof glazing oil

Wuhan successfully developed a new carton moisture-proof glazing oil

December 29, 2003

the new carton moisture-proof glazing oil developed by Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology is made of paraffin, oxidized polyethylene and other high molecular materials through chemical reaction and reprocessing. The product has the characteristics of non-toxic, non irritating smell, non corrosive, non combustible and non explosive without organic solvents. When using this product, it is made by brushing once without bone glue and starch priming. Seven minutes after painting, Chinalco group successfully completed the task of developing aluminum materials for large passenger aircraft, and then it can dry and form a film. The film has high transparency, good gloss, smooth film and no adhesion, which has no impact on any carton printing ink. After the general corrugated box is coated with this product, the surface wear resistance of the box can be enhanced, the scratch resistance and high strength, and there is a strong water resistance of the two heads of state on the inspection stand, and good moisture resistance. Its glazing and moisture resistance are better than any traditional glazing oil, which can beautify and protect the paper box for a long time

with the development of market economy, people have gradually realized the promotional and value-added role of packaging. The successful development of a new type of moisture-proof varnish for cartons can improve the product quality of packaging cartons to a certain extent, thus promoting the development of packaging industry

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