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Which is the more reliable comparison between the profits of lithium extraction from Salt Lake and that from ore

there are two forms of extracting lithium metal: extracting lithium from ore and extracting lithium from salt lake. Lithium extraction from ores can be divided into spodumene and lepidolite

Ganfeng lithium and Tianqi lithium adopt imported spodumene to extract lithium, which is the mainstream production method at present. Spodumene with high quality basically changed the composition of the material, and later came from abroad, such as Australia. Spodumene ore in China is of low quality and not rich in reserves. According to statistics, the current price of spodumene concentrate is about 1000 US dollars per ton (calculated at the exchange rate of 6.4). According to the development of 8 tons of spodumene concentrate to produce 1 ton of lithium carbonate to improve the technology and theory of new graphene surface protection materials in China, the raw material cost is 64000 yuan. Plus more than 20000 manufacturing costs, the overall cost of a ton of lithium products is about 84000 yuan, and the gross profit is about 76000 yuan/ton. Ganfeng lithium expects the total lithium carbonate product capacity to be about 60000 tons in 2018. The price per ton is calculated at 160000 yuan, and the gross profit margin is 35%. It can earn 3.36 billion yuan gross profit in one year

jiangte Electric Co., Ltd. is the exclusive target company of lithium mica in A-share. According to the data of Tianfeng securities, Yichun Yinli new energy, a subsidiary of jiangte electric machinery, adopts the lithium mica extraction technology, which can produce 104 tons of lithium carbonate per day to improve safety, and the cost is controlled within 70000 yuan/ton. Since the price of lepidolite is significantly lower than that of spodumene concentrate, if the company's Lion self-locking is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency, Ziling mine can be put into production in March 2018 to achieve mineral self-sufficiency, and the cost of lithium carbonate is expected to be reduced to 50000 yuan. Since there is no gross profit margin of lithium mica, it can only be estimated according to the sales data of 160000 yuan/ton of lithium carbonate, so the gross profit per ton of lithium carbonate refined by lithium mica technology is 110000 yuan, and its capacity of 15000 tons is up to production, with a gross profit of 1.65 billion yuan a year

extracting lithium from Salt Lake is to use the brine rich in magnesium and lithium on the plateau to extract lithium by physical and chemical methods. The cost is very low, but it has not been carried out on a large scale due to technical capacity and poor geographical conditions. At present, there are many listed companies participating in this project, including Salt Lake shares, Tibet Mining, Keda Jieneng, Tibet urban investment, zangge holdings, and Lanxiao technology. These companies are located in the remote Qinghai Tibet region. Because the salt lake is basically located on the plateau, the location is remote, the basic production and living conditions are poor, the ecology is fragile, and the climate is cold, which is not conducive to large-scale production and personnel introduction. Therefore, even if the production cost is low, the hidden cost is very high. According to the data of Lanke lithium, the production cost of the company's salt lake lithium battery grade lithium carbonate is about 40000 yuan/ton. Considering the hidden cost, it is relaxed to 50000 yuan/ton, so the gross profit of salt lake lithium carbonate per ton is 110000 yuan. According to the plan of Lanke lithium, the production capacity of 30000 tons of lithium carbonate will reach the production capacity in 2018, and the gross profit will be 3.3 billion yuan

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