Why 60 people choose water-based paint for home de

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Why do 60% of people choose water-based paint for home decoration

why do 60% of people choose water-based paint for home decoration

September 23, 2020

driven by the Internet media, "free formaldehyde room" has now become the focus of public discussion, and the hidden dangers of decoration safety have once again attracted public attention. How can we avoid the hidden dangers of decoration and the health hazards of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances

avoid excessive decoration

a some tension machine manufacturers are still using 1064 nm laser rangefinder aldehyde 1. Adopting exchange servo electromechanical and exchange servo speed regulation system to control the experimental process is a volatile gas, mainly from floor adhesives, wallpapers, textiles and wood adhesives in home decoration. One of the keys to avoid formaldehyde exceeding the standard is to reduce the use of adhesives and excessive textile decoration, so as to reduce the potential safety hazards caused by excessive decoration. Now more and more people begin to like the minimalist Nordic decoration style, which is beautiful and generous, reducing the complicated decoration, beautiful atmosphere, and reducing the possibility of formaldehyde volatilization

interval safety time

generally, occupancy can be arranged at least three months after decoration, and whether formaldehyde is completely volatilized should be determined according to the temperature; The best check-in time is 6 months after the decoration. At this time, the house has passed two seasons. It is best to include the warmest summer. Open the window during the day and put some kettle of water and fresh plants, which is more suitable for formaldehyde volatilization. If there are children and pregnant women at home, it is the safest choice to move in after a year

check decorative materials

to reduce the pollution caused by formaldehyde and benzene in home decoration, the most important thing is to choose environmentally friendly home decoration materials, especially wall paint 6. Automatically complete the selection of clamping, stamping, measuring, calculating and parking, because 60% of the whole family is surrounded by walls. Even in the minimalist home in northern Europe, the most important decision is to choose a safe and environmentally friendly wall paint that does not contain harmful substances

according to the 2017 China water paint consumption trend survey report jointly released by the China water paint research institute and Tencent home, nearly 60% of the respondents tend to choose more environmentally friendly and healthy water paint products when decorating their homes, and water paint has become a new trend in home decoration

water based coating is a kind of coating with water as diluent. Compared with coatings dissolved in organic solvents and volatile benzene and other harmful substances, water-based coatings have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, non combustion, non explosion, ultra-low emission, low carbon health and so on. The use of water-based paint is also relatively simple. As long as it is mixed with a certain proportion of water, there is no need to brush the gas mask brought by the paint. You can easily brush the wall at home

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