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Why does new energy vehicle investment "prefer" Foshan

not long ago, the Department of automotive engineering of Tsinghua University welcomed a group of guests from Foshan, Guangdong Province - in the activity of "entering Tsinghua" by Foshan enterprises in mid July, Zhu Wei, mayor of Foshan, led a team to visit many departments and laboratories of Tsinghua University. The first destination was the Department of automotive engineering of Tsinghua University. On the same day, Zhu Wei carefully learned about the research results of new energy vehicles from the head of the Department

why does Zhu Wei pay special attention to the field of new energy vehicles when he enters Tsinghua University, which is full of scientific research achievements? This is directly related to the local industrial trend in Foshan

just two days before Zhu Wei's visit, the South China New Energy Vehicle Integrated Innovation Industrial Park, with a total investment of 6billion yuan, signed a contract to settle in Sanshui, Foshan. On July 17, after a few days of whether there was a factory, Foshan enterprise Dongfang Seiko announced that it had signed a strategic procurement contract for power batteries with Foton automobile

it is found that for more than half a year, many new energy vehicle related enterprises have taken a fancy to Foshan and selected sites in the five districts; On the other hand, local enterprises in Foshan have also promoted the layout of new energy vehicles in some areas of the country. Behind this, the promotion from the government and the accumulation of Foshan over the years have played a positive role

therefore, this year has become the "outbreak year" for the accelerated development of Foshan's new energy vehicle industry, and Foshan itself has become a popular destination for new energy vehicle related enterprises to invest and expand production

from core components to industrial park, five districts have "shown their magic power"

earlier this month, a new third board company headquartered in Shenzhen issued an announcement. This seemingly inconspicuous news has added heavy weight to the competitiveness of the new energy vehicle industry in Shunde District, Foshan City

this enterprise, whose full name is Guangdong Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Tianjin"), announced that its subsidiary Foshan Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. plans to purchase the state-owned land use right of about 100000 square meters located in the Western start-up area of Shunde high tech Zone for 67million yuan. Guangdong Tianjin said that the purchase of land use rights is to smoothly carry out the production and operation of Foshan Tianjin

looking back, the Tianjin Shunde project is also the first good news for Foshan new energy in 2017. In February this year, Shunde signed the industrial base project of Guangdong Tianjin new energy technology company. The company's polymer lithium-ion power batteries are in a leading position in South China

this is an important development of Shunde in the field of new energy vehicles. Coincidentally, this year, all districts of Foshan generally welcomed projects with similar significance

shortly after the signing of the Tianjin project in Shunde, at the 2017 Foshan (Chancheng) information industry investment promotion conference at the end of March, the keliyuan hybrid vehicle demonstration project was signed and settled in Chancheng. It is said that the project focuses on the terminal layout of the whole industrial chain of hybrid electric vehicles, and plans to invest about 4billion yuan to build a national general platform for the promotion and operation of hybrid electric vehicles

the good news of Gaoming District came from Beijing in May this year: the national development and Reform Commission approved the land ark pure electric passenger vehicle construction project, which will form an annual production capacity of 50000 pure electric passenger vehicles after completion

in the second half of the year, Sanshui rushed to the front of this industrial track. On July 10, South China New Energy Vehicle Integrated Innovation Industrial Park signed a contract in Sanshui, Foshan. The park is jointly built by Shenzhen BASBA group and Sanshui District, with a total planned investment of 6billion yuan, including the operation headquarters of South China New Energy Vehicle Integrated Innovation Industrial Park, smart manufacturing platform, etc. Huangshui district party secretary huangfuhong said that the signing and settlement of the project means that a new high-tech industrial cluster will be born in Sanshui

if there is no accident, the next good news will come from Nanhai: Chen Dapeng, general manager of FAW Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Foshan branch, revealed that the FAW Volkswagen Foshan phase II project is under intense construction, and the trial production has been started at present. SUVs of Volkswagen and Audi brands and pure electric vehicles of Volkswagen brand will be put into trial production in phase II this year, and will be put into production and listed in 2018

investors' common answer industrial foundation and government factors are indispensable

both Foshan and Guangdong Province have long placed expectations on the development of new energy vehicles in Foshan. As early as 2012, the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province proposed that Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan and Meizhou should build a new energy vehicle industry base in Guangdong Province to form a "two major and four new" vehicle production pattern with Guangzhou and Shenzhen

since last year, Foshan's new energy vehicles have really set off a historic upsurge, especially more and more foreign "masters" of new energy vehicles have come to Foshan. What are the reasons behind this

large projects in emerging industries will always be the "sweet pastry" of envy everywhere. Taking the South China New Energy Vehicle Integrated Innovation Industrial Park as an example, according to Lin Guojun, chairman of BASBA group, it is estimated that by 2025, including all enterprises settled in the project Park, the annual output value will be 10billion yuan, and the cumulative tax revenue will be about 1.5 billion yuan

such projects are not "worried about marriage", and have high requirements for all aspects of site selection. Lin Guojun said that the main purpose of Sanshui's excellent transportation is not to let an unqualified experimental machine flow to the market location and investment environment, the continuous consolidation of the advanced manufacturing industry foundation, the continuous improvement of industrial supporting facilities in Baini Town, and the sincerity and efficiency of governments at all levels, which are important factors for attracting projects to settle in Sanshui for long-term development

the advantages of Foshan do not suddenly erupt this year, but rely on continuous accumulation, which has been portended before. Last year, keliyuan CHS project with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan was announced to settle in Foshan. In an interview earlier, the project leader of keliyuan South China headquarters said that he chose to settle in Foshan mainly because of "but how to make waste plastics into high-quality printing materials. Here there is a huge market and superior location environment"

the person in charge of relevant departments in Chancheng District once said that keliyuan regards Foshan as an important place for its layout of the South China market, and generally takes the middle value as a good point. In addition to the superior location conditions here, which can help enterprises radiate to the whole South China, keliyuan also looks to the local government's recognition of the development prospect of hybrid electric vehicles

"Shunde was chosen because of its deep industrial foundation, perfect industrial supporting facilities, obvious geographical advantages and good business environment." Zeng Honghua, chairman of Guangdong Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that in the future, it will build the industry's leading intelligent model factory in Shunde and strive to become the first tier member of China's power battery industry by 2020

"industrial foundation" is the hard condition accumulated by Foshan for many years; The business environment is largely a soft condition dominated by the government. In Foshan, the support of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for the new energy vehicle industry is undoubtedly an important factor behind supporting the districts to win the industrial war. Only from some sporadic information released, it can be seen that Foshan attaches importance to this industry

in mid March this year, Lu Yi, Secretary of Foshan municipal Party committee, led a team to Beijing Foton Automobile Co., Ltd. to discuss in-depth cooperation. The relevant person in charge of Foton Motor said that it would continue to build Guangdong new energy vehicle industry center in Foshan, increase investment and actively promote the development of Foshan new energy vehicle industry

in the same month, Zhu Wei led a team to visit Shenzhen BYD Co., Ltd. and said in the discussion that Foshan and BYD have broad cooperation space in the fields of electronics, new energy vehicles, rail transit and so on. He hoped that both sides would establish all-round and in-depth cooperation based on the current and long-term

the influx of large projects is the best answer to Foshan. In the coming period of time, with the implementation and even production of a number of signed projects, Foshan's agglomeration capacity for the new energy vehicle industry will be further enhanced. At that time, the upsurge of large projects may be staged again

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