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Who is the future protagonist of the development of digital printing press and traditional printing press?

whether it is the rise of digital printing press or the decline of traditional printing, there is always a force leading all this. Equipment manufacturers and printing enterprises are both ends of the printing industry, and the suffering of this change is affecting every one of them

printing enterprises are the most direct receivers of change, but what makes them unbearable for the time being is not the rise of digital printing, but the vicious competition in the field of traditional printing. It is difficult for us to judge whether the development of traditional printing machines has really met the ceiling, but we suddenly found that it is difficult for many small and medium-sized printing enterprises to define them as printing enterprises

who is changing the printing industry? Or who is driving this change

many small and medium-sized printing enterprises have gathered in Langfang, Hebei Province. Many of these enterprises are adopting a new business model. When they are not strong enough to take over the printing task, they have begun to charge no money. So what do they rely on to make profits? In their mode, customers provide, paper and ink, and they are only responsible for printing and cutting. Similarly, customers provide plates, and they print them free of charge. Behind the two free services, printing enterprises rely on selling the remaining paper of customers and the remaining potion of printing to recycle and extract silver to make a living. Under the heavy pressure of printing prices, printing enterprises in Langfang, Hebei Province gave birth to this unique business model, which is also the embodiment of market power. So when we are discussing who is changing the traditional printing, the market demand is the key that we are most likely to ignore. Because meeting the needs of PE, the fixture itself also needs the requirements of double arm corrugated pipe, winding pipe and various pipe standards with high temperature resistance. It seems that it is difficult to solve the problem by artificially adjusting or more supporting policies. What we need to do is to let the market release more power

the power of the market is changing traditional printing from the printing enterprise, and it is also changing digital printing. This time, it starts from the meeting of upstream equipment manufacturers in the industrial chain to erect a safety barrier for aircraft and other means of transportation

digital equipment manufacturers are not only creating new technologies, but also creating a business model to make printing enterprises better adapt to the market and make the market bigger and bigger

this change is most obvious in foreign countries. With the help of digital printing equipment suppliers, more and more printing enterprises have transformed traditional printing into digital printing and obtained higher returns. More and more of these enterprises have adopted digital color printing machines. For these enterprises, they seem to be more willing to treat themselves as a marketing company than a printing company. When they receive 10000 long editions, they will analyze the work and tell customers the effect and return under traditional printing. At the same time, when you convert 10000 copies into 50 different 200 copies under digital printing according to the enterprise's thinking, what is the return for customers? So now all businesses in these enterprises have changed from long version to short version

the manufacturers of digital printing machines are still creating another miracle. For packaging and printing such as Coca Cola and Heineken beer, there are a large number of them, which may be hundreds of millions of bottles. Is there a chance for digital printing? A person in charge of HP told the author that digital printing played its role in it. In Europe and the United States, consumers can log in to relevant stations and design the packaging of wine bottles by themselves. According to their own anniversary or other needs, the minimum order quantity is 12 bottles a dozen. When consumers complete all the settings step by step and submit them, the finished beer will soon be delivered to consumers. Its price is several times that of ordinary, and its profit is very high. This is a successful example of mass printing leading customers to high-end consumption and personalized consumption

this change of digital printing is also driven by market forces. As an emerging technology, it is difficult to survive in the face of huge traditional printing without market demand. Therefore, it is the choice of the market that allows digital printing to create more business models and better technologies, and turns more printing enterprises into market enterprises and consulting enterprises. This change is completely different from the change that occurred in Langfang printing enterprises

therefore, the market tells us that in this era, all printers should not become mere printers, but should become Advisory printing service providers

traditional printing equipment manufacturers who are also struggling for the future should not only produce equipment, but also start thinking about how to use this equipment to create profits for their customers

in all links of the printing industry chain, the development requirements of services are higher and higher, which requires the maximization of interests and the diversification of applications. Upstream manufacturers have not only sold a single device, both traditional printing and digital printing are the same now. Printing enterprises also need enterprises to teach them how to print when purchasing equipment. They can use digital printing equipment or make traditional printing equipment. How to choose requires manufacturers to come up with good concepts. In the future, we should see that the market development trend is environmental protection and conservation, including resource conservation and energy consumption reduction, reducing inventory while ensuring printing quality, printing efficiency and low cost, and eliminating waste and pollution of consumables. How to achieve these needs the guidance of equipment manufacturers

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