With the upgrading of manufacturing in China, the

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With the upgrading of "made in China", the capacitor industry is moving forward steadily

benefiting from the national implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the application fields of power capacitors and reactive power compensation devices are becoming increasingly extensive, and the industry has achieved sound and rapid development. What are the visions and plans for the development of the industry in 2008

recently, I interviewed Gao Xiaolin, the fifth chairman of the power capacitor branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association and the chairman and general manager of Xi'an XD power capacitor Co., Ltd

"made in China" is gradually upgrading

under the background of the national policy to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, the power capacitor industry is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries. "Adhering to independent innovation has driven industrial upgrading, and many products have repeatedly performed well in key national power construction projects." When it comes to the technical advantages of the industry, Gao Xiaolin, as a leader in the industry, is very pleased and proud

according to him, the technical level of the industry has achieved a qualitative leap, which is marked by the successful development of major key technologies and products, fundamentally rewriting the history of introduction in the 1990s. He confidently said, "compared with global peers, the performance and quality of domestic power capacitor products are not inferior."

opening the development history of the industry, it is not difficult to see the rising track of "made in China"

as one of the power transmission and transformation equipment, China's power capacitor manufacturing industry started in the 1950s, overcoming many technical difficulties, and reaching a high level in product performance, voltage level, design parameters, reliability and so on. The scale of the industry continues to expand, and the number of enterprises has reached nearly 100. Nearly 20 companies have the production capacity of high-voltage shunt capacitors. At the same time, it has led to the improvement of industrial technological transformation and equipment level

it is obvious that the product structure of the industry has changed greatly. At present, it has developed from a single capacitor unit to a complete set of devices. With the full implementation of ISO9000 standards, the quality management and process level of the industry have been greatly improved. In terms of electrical performance, it has fully met the requirements of international IEC standards

in view of the good situation of the rapid development of the industry, the authority commented that "with a complete range of products and unique competitive advantages, it has found a successful road of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation."

with the continuous improvement of trust among users at home and abroad, the market field continues to expand. Many enterprises have successfully seized the market ahead of foreign investors in national key projects. Leading enterprises such as Xi'an XD power capacitor Co., Ltd., Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. and new Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) power capacitor Co., Ltd. have shown strong technical strength. They have won the bid for Tian Guang, GUI Guang, Lingbao back-to-back and San Hu DC transmission projects, and won orders of hundreds of millions of yuan. Gao Xiaolin specifically mentioned that "in the two newly started World's highest voltage level ± 800 kV DC transmission projects, the industry contract orders reached more than 400million yuan"

energy conservation and emission reduction provide opportunities

if the monthly output of the spandex industry will usher in a new round of capacity release in the future, the national environment for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry has spawned new technologies and processes in the industry, and the policy background of the State Council to promote energy conservation and emission reduction provides huge business opportunities and places to use for capacitor products

according to insiders, the overall scale of the power capacitor industry is not huge in the field of power transmission and transformation, but its products have unique advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection

the data shows that power equipment and electrical operation consume a certain amount of reactive power, and reactive power compensation for the power system is the most important use of power capacitors. It is estimated that the demand accounts for more than 80% of the whole capacitor market. Moreover, the market demand is closely related to the installed capacity of new power generation in. From the actual installed capacity of reactive power compensation capacitors in recent years, the proportion with the installed capacity of new power generation is about 1:1

in recent years, China's DC transmission lines have developed rapidly. On average, a new DC project is built every year. A ± 500 kV DC project requires 8million kvars of capacitors. In addition, it can also be used for more than 10 kinds of capacitor products such as AC filter, shunt capacitor and AC PLC capacitor at the same time

one view is that China's energy conservation is a sleeping market, with a huge market share of hundreds of billions of yuan. Whoever can wake up this market will get huge returns. Another view shows that China has become one of the countries with the highest output value and energy consumption in the world. In the huge contrast, the power equipment manufacturing industry will be left with huge business opportunities for energy conservation

at present, the development situation of power construction is gratifying. It is particularly gratifying that with the rapid development of power construction, the national energy conservation and emission reduction work is being carried out in full swing, which provides a broad market space for the power capacitor industry. Gao Xiaolin said happily, "people have a deeper and deeper understanding of the important role of capacitors and reactive power compensation in improving electric power factor, saving energy and reducing consumption, improving voltage quality and power line transmission capacity. As a provider of energy-saving products, the opportunity is a once in a blue moon for us."

integrate resources and climb to a new peak

the industry generally believes that in the face of new opportunities and challenges in power construction, the power capacitor industry should move towards a compound and high-end direction with great potential for development. In the face of good performance in the industry, Gao Xiaolin always keeps a clear head

he said that 2008 is a key year for the development of the industry. In order to achieve the goal of developing China's power production, transmission and use efficiency towards high parameter, high-grade and energy-saving products, the industry is facing great development space, but there are still some constraints

although compared with his performance, his shortcomings do not hide his shortcomings, he attaches great importance to these adverse factors. He believes that the main problems existing in the industry are: insufficient investment in scientific research, some enterprises only deal with short-term and fast market competition, and lack of medium and long-term and basic theoretical and technological research; The informatization construction is not enough, and there are also some deficiencies in product standardization; In particular, the research and development of series compensation device is unsatisfactory, and there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products

he believes that the new market situation has put forward higher requirements, accelerating the adjustment of product structure, developing towards the direction of large capacity, full film, serialization and complete technology, and becoming the main attacker of the industry, whose service life is less than one fifth of the average service life of industrial products

according to him, the development goal of the industry in the future is to effectively integrate advantageous resources, further strengthen the development of new products and the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, and backbone enterprises should have the courage to go out and invest and set up factories abroad

with rich marketing experience, Gao Xiaolin made an objective and comprehensive analysis of the future market situation. His table separated and output the voltage corresponding to the average load and the voltage corresponding to the peak value of alternating load. It shows that the development of DC transmission lines in China will be further accelerated in the future, and the number of capacitors required for UHV DC transmission projects will also increase significantly. With the vigorous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, the industry is bound to usher in a new round of rapid development. He is full of expectations for this

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