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The domestic screw air compressor market was better than expected

the sales volume of excavators in January was lower than expected. According to the excavator sales data released by the Construction Machinery Association, the excavator sales volume in January was 5221 units, with a year-on-year increase of -52% and a month on month increase of -39%. The growth rate fell again, and the sales volume was lower than the prediction of our agent survey at the beginning of January, which was basically consistent with the agent survey data at the end of January

the reasons for lower than expected are the Spring Festival and the demand has not yet rebounded effectively. The reason why the excavator sales in January were lower than expected was not only the Spring Festival factor, but also the slow resumption of the project and the new construction process and the lack of effective relief of capital constraints. It is expected that the sales volume in February will rise sharply month on month and the year-on-year decline will narrow. From the prediction and analysis of agents and manufacturers on the eccentric excavator market, the most common type of digging and straightening device: plastic extrusion waste in 2012, the judgment of the whole market is an increase of%. However, the expectation of their own enterprises is still much higher than this growth rate, so after February and before the peak season, the marketing activities of major manufacturers and agents are pouring in. At the weekend, I participated in an agent activity, and the agent harvested orders around the platform on the spot. Orders can basically be converted into sales in February, which is equivalent to times of January, and the recovery speed is still very fast

Aerospace: continue to recommend the Beidou navigation chain. With the completion of the basic construction of regional space-based systems beyond the scope that can be obtained by using long carbon fiber alone, demonstration projects and application promotion have been significantly accelerated. In the later stage, the pilot projects of national defense and industrial users (small-scale orders and pre research support with computer support) are the focus. Before entering a large number of purchases, we expect that in 2012, defense and industry users will support the research and development of Beidou navigation products by means of small-scale orders and pre research costs, laying the foundation for large-scale applications after 2013. It is suggested to pay attention to the companies that realize the connection between supply and demand in the pilot stage, and recommend leading enterprises in the field of satellite applications: China satellite, Beidou Satcom, and Guoteng electronics

general machinery: the demand for compressors in Europe, America and Asia is improving, and the domestic screw air compressor market is better than expected. Judging from the situation of atlas, Garton Denver in the fourth quarter of 2011 and the expectation of the first quarter of 2012, the demand for air compressors in Europe, America and the Asia Pacific region is improving. From the recent research of domestic first-line screw air compressor brand dealers and core parts companies, we expect that the production and sales of the industry in the first quarter may be flat year-on-year, and the production and sales of leading companies may increase positively, both better than investors' negative growth expectations

shipbuilding: the worst start of the shipbuilding market in the past five years. In January 2012, the new orders received worldwide were 1.99 million dwt, down 71.1% year-on-year and 36.5% month on month. This is the first time in two years that the number of new orders per month has fallen below 200. If we want to make a non-standard sample of 10000 DWT, it is also the worst opening data of the global ship market in five years. In January, 426000 DWT bulk cargo ships and container ships were traded, and no new orders were received for the first time in 20 months. The two ship types fell sharply by 92% and 100% year-on-year

various data show that the ship market will continue the decline in 2011 this year. We believe that 2012 will continue the downturn in 2011, and the annual order is not expected to exceed 60million DWT

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