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Analysis of the working principle of ctaft025 carding machine self leveler

ctaft025 self leveler is jointly developed by China Textile Research Institute and Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Factory. The device is used together with the blowing carding system to control the uneven weight of sliver and maintain the quantitative stability of sliver

II. Principle:

the self leveling device of carding machine is composed of three parts, detection mechanism, control mechanism and actuator

the detection mechanism has two detection points, and there are two detection mechanisms under the cotton feeding plate, which turn the change of cotton layer thickness into an electrical signal through the displacement sensor and send it to the controller. At the output part of the sliver, the thickness of the sliver is detected with a stepped roller device. In addition, the controller also detects the speed of doffer and cotton feeding motor and other related signals at the same time

the control mechanism uses a 16 bit single chip microcomputer as the main CPU to ensure high control accuracy. The sampling signals from sensors such as cotton layer thickness and sliver thickness are sent to the CPU for various digital operations, and then sent to the actuator to control the speed of the cotton feeding motor and adjust the cotton feeding amount fed into the carding machine to achieve the purpose of uniform sliver weight

the actuator adopts frequency conversion technology, and the frequency converter controls the cotton feeding motor to adjust the speed of the cotton feeding roller. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, rapid response, no temperature drift, zero drift and so on

this control system adopts the control principle of composite ring, that is, the open PEU composed of cotton layer thickness sensor controller actuator can continue to use the closed loop composed of ring system and sliver thickness sensor controller actuator to build several new material manufacturing innovation centers in the new material industry cluster. What should we pay attention to? The combination of new material big data with innovative carrier systems such as cloud computing theory design platform and new material testing and evaluation platform has the advantages of fast response, small static error and good stability

III. quality indicators:

this device is continuously used with fa177 cotton feeding box and FA 221A carding machine for technical reserve. Under normal conditions, the quality indicators during cotton spinning are as follows:

1. Uneven weight:

(1) CV (5m) ≤ 2.2%

(2) CV (25m) ≤ 1.5%

(3) CV (100m) ≤ 1.0%

2. Quantitative deviation:

1 gram of 5 meters is qualified.The qualified rate is more than 95%

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